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The forerunner of the modern Zolochev (Lviv region) can be regarded as an ancient Russian city of Radeche, mentioned in historical sources from 1180 Radeche destroyed the Mongol-Tatars in the XIII century, and in its place arose Zolochiv. The first written mention of Zolochev wrote in 1423.

Official architectural monuments of Zolochev have its origins are XV-VIII centuries. The oldest of them - Zolochiv yard (or aristocratic household) - the building, built of stone, built in the XV century.
It was the residence of the owner of the city. For a pretty long time Zolochev owners lived here, and the municipal arsenal was there.

When you leave the Zolochiv, do not forget to try the local ice cream, it is cheap and very  tasty.

Zolochiv located 62.4 km from Lviv, 57.5 km from Ternopil, 98 km from Ivano-Frankivsk.

Invite you to visit one of our tours in Ukraine, through which you can visit Zolochev and the well-known Zolochiv Castle in Lviv region.The saturated history of Ukraine left us with the imprint of past centuries.

Author Julia Skollibria

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