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        Zhitomir is the main city and regional center of Zhitomir region. On the territory occupied by modern Zhitomir, in II century BC ancient tribes lived. The date of foundation of the city can be considered 884. According to the legend, its name comes from the bodyguard’s name of princes Askold and Dir - Zhitomir, another version is that the name of the city is composed of two words ‘zhito’ (rye), and "peace". According to historical records, in fact, the first settlements were engaged in arable farming, but drevlyani (name of the tribe) did not live in peace: the first feudal uprising broke out there, and for insubordination and unwillingness to pay high taxes, Princess Olga burnt their capital Iskorosten.

       Zhitomir is situated in a picturesque area: from every quarter it is surrounded by woodlands. There are lots of rivers flowing through the city: Kamyanka Lisova and Polyova, Teterev, Yaroshenko, Putyatinka. Here was born the famous inventor, founder of practical astronautics Sergei Korolev, the museum of this outstanding scientist opened on 1970. You can also see the monument of Glory, dedicated to soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War.

        Nearby Zhitomir is the village of Verhivnya, in one of the huts, to be more precise in three rooms, which were given by hostess of the estate and lady-love of the writer - Evelina Ganskaya, lived and worked French writer Honoré de Balzac. Now there is his memorial museum.

        Just 20 km from Zhitomir, where village Denishi is situated, where one of the estates of Mikhail Ivanovich Tereshchenko is located (18th of March 1886, Kiev – 1th of April 1956, Monaco) - ukranian patron, who later became Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Provisional Government. It was called the "Palace of Tereshchenko", and although the estate was destroyed long ago, its ruins still remind of the past grandeur of the structure.

        There is the small town Berdichev in the Zhytomyr region; it is famous for many shrines. It was here in the church of St. Barbara, where Evelyn Ganskaya and Honore de Balzac married.

        Interestingly, that Zhitomir is the center of granite mining. And the main Lenin Mausoleum was built in this granite.

Author Daria Talan

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