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Green Farms of TavriaGreen Farms of Tavria is an incredibly interesting, exciting entertainment complex. It is one-of-a-kind in all Europe. The complex is situated in virgin nature's lap of Tavria forest-steppe zone. You can definitely say that it is a kind of reflection of Ukraine in its cultural and historical miniature. Total territory of farms reaches more than a hundred hectares.

For maximal convenience of guests, routes have been divided by themes – Alder, Floral, as well as experimental and natural route named “Have fun – Develop yourself”. These routes are interconnected with roads, paths, bridges. This gives you a chance to learn historical past of Ukraine at master-classes while staying out in the country.

Fascinating journey along the Floral route will give you unforgettable impressions. Nature-fans will walk along paths and lawns covered with field flowers, plunge into fragrance of herbs. On this route you will get acquainted with farms of various themes:Green Farms of Tavria

Shooter’s Farm represents spears, missile knives, crossbows, bows, shooting marks, such types of weapon will ensure you with a chance to be in a role of Cossacks.

Cannon Yard – rattling shots like thunder and lightning mix together, gunpowder smell – all these give unimaginable portion of adrenalin.

Motanka (handmade Ukrainian doll). Long time ago mothers used to make toys for their children with their own hands. Motankas belong to such hand-made toys that survived through centuries and took the role of not only a kid’s entertainment but a family talisman as well. In order to make such a doll with your own hands, you need to learn the technique and follow some simple rules.

Barber's. In all time hair-style played a very important role as masters can change all person’s appearance by scissors wave. Naturally, such masters were honored not only by common people, but by the noble as well. Working people used to call them shavers and noble people – barbers. Ceremony of making braids could be performed only by especially thought women. Decoration of the braid could tell you about the status of its owner. Visiting the farm will give you a chance to learn great mastery of braid-making, making decorations for hair, and most important – you will find out a lot of interesting things about a barber.

Green Farms of TavriaMuseum of Ukrainian Household. In everyday life the house had a leading position; it was the symbol of life and the source of soul peace. And it’s no surprise, as for many people parental house means not only the walls that gave protection, but most important – they are father’s favoring and mother’s warmth that we keep for all our life. This museum radically differs from all similar museums; its main peculiarity is its simplicity and availability.

Talismans. On the farm you will learn to make talismans with your own hands. Only natural materials are used for making talismans that will be a wonderful decoration of your  house and will serve as a symbol of will, purity, health, life of your family.

Bread. In old times as well as nowadays, treating with bread is a proof of true generosity, respect and love. On the Bread farm you can attend master-classes in baking and decorating gingerbread following old recipes. It was a tradition to bring such gingerbreads as a present on Shrove Sunday. People also made special cakes on Name days, wedding ceremonies, for relatives and beloved. Follow the aroma of gingerbread and do good deeds!

Farm of Cloth Painting. Art of cloth painting and subsequently invention of scarfs, shawls and summer dresses can be mastered on the farm of hand painting on batiste and silk. Such thing may be a unique, bright present.Green Farms of Tavria

Aroma Oils. Art of aromatherapy has been famous in all times. Applying fragrance oils gives the body a new portion of vital force, as they don’t include additives and preserving agents, and due to this, they advantageously influence our body. Correct personal selection, storage and mixing aroma oils, as well as many other secrets will be revealed to you on the farm of aroma oils.

Beadweaving is a centuries-long history of art to make various decorations by means of beads. On the beadweaving farm you will indulge into secrets of adornments, will know secrets of such an exciting and unusual thing.

Musical Farm beckons with its folk art, the opportunity to touch the history of unusual and ancient musical instruments. At a musical master-class you will learn a lot of musical secrets.

Exhibition of Children's Art will give you unforgettable moments of folk art. You will hear music and see the beauty of each masterpiece. These are picture made of natural materials, works in such techniques as cross-stitching, stitching with ribbons, quilling, wood carving, and many other interesting works created by children's hands.

Green Farms of TavriaFarm of Wood-finishing will acquaint you with ancient wood-finisher’s craft. Here you have a chance to take a master class and find out more details about wood and work with it.

Blacksmith’s Farm. Blacksmith’s craft is rather difficult and ancient. There exist a number of tales and legends about it. On the blacksmith’s farm you will be told about the art of casting, forging, welding and many other interesting things connected with this profession.

Health Farm gathered numerous kinds of honey and everything connected with it. Here you can taste wildly valuable delicacy!

History of willow weaving dates back to prehistoric times, when people used to weave and strengthen their homes with available materials, as well as made crockery and household items. On the farm of willow weaving you can attend master-classes on making things of weave, so you won’t leave this place empty-handed.

On the farm of Leather Dippers masters will teach you to make decorations and leather goods with your own hands. Such an article will give originality and peculiarity to its owner!

Farm of Pottery Art will give you a chance to feel flexibility and warmth of clay and to make a miracle with your own hands.

Glass Art is one of the brightest kinds of decorative and applied art in old-time Ukraine. On this farm you will get a unique souvenir of glass art created due to imagination and painstaking work.

Museum of Tile will acquaint its visitors with a tiled covering that was used on the territory of Ukraine, as well as methods of its manufacturing.

Alder Route gathered the entire beauty of alder forests - wooden bridges, turf paths and all these accompanied by singing birds. Alder route will open the wonderful world of the Green Farms of Tavria right in front of your eyes. The route includes:Green Farms of Tavria

Farm of a White Witch. Sorcery has come to us from ancient times, when it was inseparable from medicine. Knowledge about plants and their medicinal properties, as well as minerals and animal products had been widely used in various rituals having sufficiently large psychotherapeutic influence.

Embroidery has been a landmark of Ukraine for a long time. It is represented in clothes decoration and other similar things. Bright ornaments and patterns carry the program of well-being, happiness, love, and the most pious feelings and conditions. Here you will slightly open the curtain to the secrets of embroidery, coloring threads and tissue preparation.

Petrikivsky Painting on Woodis one of the oldest decorative and applied arts. Nowadays, value of such painting is reviving, and a painter on the farm Petrikivsky painting will tell you about the nuances of such work.

Farm of Ceramics. Humanity has been already familiar with ceramics for centuries. The Master of this farm will help you to create your exclusive item.

Mint Farm. Here you will learn about the history of the Ukrainian currency, about the ways the first settlements were made and of course you will mint your own coin which will bring wealth in the pocket of its owner!

Chumaks’ Farm. In everyone's life salt has a leading position. And though modern doctors warn about the dangers of white crystals, nevertheless its disappearance causes a lot of epidemics and diseases. This unique farm will help you to enrich your knowledge about salt and everything that goes with it.

Green Farms of TavriaWorkshop of Clean Air- here history of aircrafts creation is revealed and moreover, you will be able to produce it and test your creation in flight.

On the Farm of Grain and Vegetable Art you can create original decorations and interior items with your own hands which can be applied as home decoration or used as a unique present.

Paper Farm. Everyone knows that nowadays paper is used in most areas, as it is one of the most available materials. Abundance of handicrafts is based on paper – decoupage, quilling, origami, scrapbooking, applique work and many others.

Quass Farm will give you a chance to enjoy a variety of flavors of this wonderful drink - raspberry, apple, cherry, mint, honey, bread, plum ... all of them are prepared according to old recipes of natural ingredients!

Chivalry Farm– here you can try a real chainmail on and hold a metal shield, undergo the rite of initiation into the knights’ rank, as well as attend a master-class in the martial arts.

There is also a farm of candles, soap making, felting, art workshop, clay farm, farm of peat. On these farms you can attend a master-class on correspondent art. There is a petting zoo located on the territory of farms. Here, adults and children can pet, feed and take photos with the animals having received a lot of positive emotions!

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