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The world breathes legends of love ... Castle of Saint Miklosh, Transcarpathia

Castle of Saint Miklosh|Tour to Ukraine|Tour in Transcarpathia

Castle of Saint Miklosh|Tour to Ukraine|Tour in Transcarpathia

The world breathes legends of love, every human heart to seek it, and it all joy. Each of us has ever wanted to touch such a legend, and perhaps become a part of it.
What are we?

The fact that the legends bearing in our lives love, there!
Namely, it will be the castle of St. Miklash, you can visit us in the Weekend tours in Ukraine !!

At 12 km from Mukachevo, where the mountains are closer to the river Latoritsa, is the village Chinadievo. Castle of Saint Miklosh|Tour to Ukraine|Tour in TranscarpathiaIn written sources, it is first mentioned in 1214 as Saint Miklosh. This is the Hungarian name appears in documents until 1944. Thus, the name of St. Nicholas was named not the city, and fief. In 1264 King Stephen V presents a gift to this estate Master Aladar authorized in cases upgalician princes.

Centre Chinadievo dominant destined to become the fortress of stone and strong, with two lateral towers, and walls of meters thick. It has erected in 1450, Baron Pereni.

Considerable damage was caused to the fortress in 1657 by Polish troops of Count Lubomirski, and in 1670 transformed into a stronghold of possession of Princess Ilona Zrini, the wife of Count Ferenc Rakoczy I, and the mother of the Hungarian national hero Ferenc Rakoczy II. Thus, we can start a story that captures the spirit of its unparalleled romance.

It was in this castle a famous heroine of Mukachevo, courageous Ilona Zrini, in 1682, first saw and fell in love with Imre Tekeli. He was a Hungarian count, and the leader of the rebels, opponents of the Austrian monarchy. Ilona was then 39 years, and Imre - 26, and no matter what, she renounced the possession and title for the sake of his love.Castle of Saint Miklosh|Tour to Ukraine|Ilona Zrini|Tour to Mukachevo

This castle and still connects the hearts of men. So it was with the painter Jozsef Bartos, who is now a tenant and a reducing agent of the castle. He married with his wife Tatiana in this Castle.

The artist says that once in a dream he was a woman of noble facial features in an elegant dress, and told him to take care of the castle, and that a higher power to help him in this. Bartos realized that it was very Ilona Zrini, and visiting her grave, decided to fulfill a vow before the hostess of the castle, this dream.

Many of the guests of the castle as well then go down the aisle. The people castle of Sant Miklash called Castle of Love, and in truth, he lives up to its name.

Castle of Saint Miklosh|Tour to Ukraine|Tour in TranscarpathiaThe castle was rent by artist began in 2001, and since then, the castle got a new roof, there were literally rescued from the rubble debris all rooms. There were also delivered to the door, glazed windows, painted and repaired the walls of the stronghold.

Help the artist to restore the castle of St. Miklash Hungarian State management of works of art and Laszlo Teleki Foundation.

In the castle of the 13th of rooms and its facilities is the archaeological museum of the Scythian and Celtic culture and books from the library of Count Schönborn, the pictures come here to the international open-air festivals of painters.

Jozsef Bartos as a truly creative person undertook to arrange for the Castle Cultural Centre. And he keeps his word, there are exhibitions, live music concerts, art center operates.

Castle of Saint Miklosh|Tour to Ukraine|Tour in TranscarpathiaSt. Miklosh located between two significant monuments: proud of Mukachevo, the castle "Palanok" and delightful hunting palace the Shenborn’s graphs. And though the Castle of Love does not fit the canons of romantic medieval castle, its walls still remember fighting the past, as glorious and tragic, looking at the world many loopholes. The castle in its history experienced many rearrangements, transformed more than once.

Saturated with the spirit of love and creativity of the castle wall and waiting for you in order to give you a piece of cherished destiny, to give a chance to touch the history of great feelings, and inspire them.

Author Horostovska Natalia (Aranrut)