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Castle Palanok (Transcarpathia)

Former volcano, solid natural formation is a beautiful castle Palanok and reliable pedestal. One can see this great attraction of the city long before the entrance to the Mukachevo. Attractive and majestic, towering over the city, he windswept with only one side sheltered by volcanic Carpathians.

Wind travels he also discovered what we do not apply to use, inviting you with us on a tour of the day off to Ukraine!

At this time, in Europe there are only six perfectly preserved castles, and one of them – the Mukachev’s "Palanok."

The name of his castle has acquired through the palisade, which, along with a water moat defending the castle at the beginning, when he was wooden, but not as we know it today.

Is not known exactly, when the construction of the castle was built, but most experts agree that the first stone was laid in the 14th century. However, documents that have survived to this day, mention this stronghold, yet in the 11th century. With each new resident, the castle was rebuilt and ennobled the needs of the owner. Today the area of the castle is not as much - 14,000 square meters. It has 130 rooms, each unique in its purpose. Just as in the other castles of the Middle Ages, the "Palanok" is the underground galleries of moves that connect the rooms. Moat is the protection of the castle, 164 guns and treeless slopes, so that the enemy was unable to get hiding at close distance, there is the wall five feet wide.

The story seemed specially created this castle invincible in fair open fight: even when identities of the castle were from wood, in 1089, the Cumans Khan Kuteshko stormed it during the 50 days, but to no avail. In 1241 sixty thousandth horde of Batu Khan twice attempted to seize, and both times failed. Since 1396 the castle garrison survived not one attack enemy.

Prince Feodor Koryatovich and his family, as well as their subsequent generations have lived in this castle about 200 years (from 1396 to 1414 years). He was the person, who in place of a wooden fort erected new stone castle, and stayed out there. At the same time was hollowed in the crag 85-meter well, which has the legend in the local area.

And this is the legend: It was the hard work to make a well in such an unyielding rocks. Would help to enlist! And, some said, that Koryatovich resorted to bargain with the devil. The man gives him - a bag of gold, and devil to him - well! It's a deal, the transaction took place. But first, says the prince, do well, and then - gold. The devil agreed, and did well to fame. Prince gives him the bag with gold. There were a couple of coins! Angry devil jumped into the well, since that time devil howls from the bottom of it.

During the reign of Transylvanian Princes Rákóczi (1633-1711), Castle "Palanok" was almost the most fortified in central Europe. It was no joke - eight lines of defense.

Just stronghold and bastion visited antigabsburg’s movement, headed by the son of Ilona Zrini, Prince Ferenc Rákóczi the second (in 1703) was immediately the capital of Transylvania (1705), and at that time there was even a mint.

When the world-famous Bastille prison was stormed, "Palanok" took on the role of political prison for Europeans. From 1796 to 1897 the fortress was used again in the role of the prison. For nearly 120 years there have had over 20 thousand prisoners. From 1805 till 1806 the walls were protected by the Hungarian Holy Crown, which is hid from the armies of Napoleon.

In Soviet times the castle was a school of mechanics, a school and even vocational schools. But now there is available a historical museum, which opened in 1960, and in the former barracks of the garrison housed art galleries, art galleries and cozy cafes.

As you can see the castle in its history was replaced by a set of persons, but always remained unassailable and majestic fortress that holds many nice memories. Hurry up to touch the living and fascinating stories with us!

Author Horostovska Natalia (Aranrut)

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