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Castles of Lviv

Castles of Lviv in Ukraine

Castles of Lviv       Lviv is known to be one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Its monuments can charm people from around the world who want to experience the depths of history and to see centuries-old buildings of this wonderful place with their own eyes.

    But not only are the sights of the city famous in Lviv. One of the features of this place are castles that are known for their grandeur and unique history. Lviv Region has a lot of such but some of them deserve special attention.

     Thus, for example, is Podgoretsky castle, first mentioned in 1445.

      As it is known, the castle was built for the money of Stanislas Konetspolskim, who bought it and nearby villages from Janusz Podgoretskii. Two floors of the palace were built by the Italian Del Agua, a famous architect at that time. And finally, defensive systems were built only in 1635-1640 by the hands of engineer Boplan.

Castles of Lviv in Ukraine

     Over the years the castle was in the possession of many people. From Stanislaus it was handed over to the prince Jakub Sobieski, who gave it to Constantine Sobieski, the youngest son of John III.

   In 1720, it was owned by the rich family of Zhevuskie who built the church of St. Joseph, that in present days is situated near the entrance to the castle. And finally, the last owners have become a family Sangushko.

      Unfortunately, in Soviet times, the castle was robbed and in 1956, the great fire burned down the palace and only walls of the castle left of this place. The structure was partially restored in 1960 and then after a while there was a sanatorium opened.

Castles of Lviv in Ukraine    Since 1997, when the castle passed to the jurisdiction of the Lviv Art Gallery, the restoration works are constantly held.

     If one will see this castle, it may seem familiar to him. This is not surprising; since it is here the notorious film "The Three Musketeers" beloved by generations of moviegoers took place.

     The next in a series of famous castles of Lviv is Zolochevskaya stronghold. This place is known since 1442 and obviously it is the place where once rose more ancient fortress, burnt during the Tatar invasions. Castle is located in the city Zolochiv that is located in the place, where there was a trade route between the West, East and South Europe.

    By the 17th century this place was famous for its comfort and modernity. There were several water closets, created using the latest technology at that time, the spy system, which were used to spy for the servants and also the secret passages.

Castles of Lviv in Ukraine    By 1802 the castle was adapted for residential purposes, and in 1840 the Austrian government organized here the barracks.

     Another memorial structure from the whole amount of Lviv region castles is Zhovkva. In 1594 Hetman Stanislav Zolkiewski planned to turn Vinniki, that was known since 1242, to a city-fortress. And since 1603 the Polish King Sigismund III gave the city the name "Zhovkva."
   Under the influence of Thomas Moore's "Utopia", there was a time in Europe when it was very fashionable to build the "ideal cities". Famous architects Pavel Shaslyviy, Paul Rymlyanyn and Amvrozy Prihilny by the project of an Italian architect Morando made efforts to build Zhovkva. Naturally, the main attention was paid to the castle built in 1594-1606's.

Castles of Lviv in Ukraine     This castle invited at different times Peter I, known at the time figures as Michael Radziwill, Arthur Gladovskiy and others.

    In 2003, the restoration took place here, so now it looks exactly like at the period of its historical dawn.

     Finally, each castle is unique in Lviv region. And only if you visit it on your own and see all with your own eyes, you can really feel the beauty and charm of these magnificent buildings. 

Author Alexander Uvarov

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