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Danube Bend

Danube BendDanube Bend is the most popular rest place of Hungarian local people and tourists coming here from different countries. The village is located at the distance of just 13km from the capital of Hungary – Budapest. It’s the area in the valley of Carpathian Basin where the direction of Danube-river bends and abruptly changes. Green valleys with fascinating picturesque views that are dispersed along the Danube’s banks like morning dew, mixture of culture, history and various monuments of architectural art – Danube Bend is exactly the place where all these beauties are gathered together. The most famous cities of this region are Visegrad, Szentendre, Esztergom.  

Eszergom absorbed charm and enchanting history of a small coastline town. This town has a status of one of the most historically significant settlements in Hungary. For more than 250 years it used to be the capital of this country. King Saint Istvan was born here, and here he was crowned in the XI century. Nowadays, this town is the most important religious center in Hungary.

Danube BendDanube BendDanube Bend

You can get to the city by a steam-boat and have a lot of unforgettable impressions, as in this case you will see a picturesque view to the huge basilica, adjusting ruins of the ancient King’s palace. Presently, the construction serves as a Town museum. The basilica is famous not only due to its size, but mainly due to the fact that it was the center of Christianity spreading and the first cathedral in all Hungary. From its dome you can admire wonderful breath-taking view, panorama view to the town and the river Danube. The church has a rich treasury of Hungarian church ware. The church is famous for its altar painting - sacred thing, picturing Assumption of the Holy Virgin. It is the biggest and unique of its kind altar icon in the whole world, made on the canvas. Region of the Old Town is situated lower than the church. Here roads paved with cubes lead to the hill, where some other not less interesting town museums are located. There is the Maria Valeria bridge close to the basilica. It connects neighboring town Sturnovo (Slovak town) and Eszergom itself.Danube Bend

On the spaces of Danube Bend the town of Visegrad is situated. Main landmarks are a citadel constructed in the XIII century on the top of the hill and an old, built in the XVI century king palace at the foot. Peak of prosperity of the Visegrad town was during the period of king Matthias rein who set enthroned in the epoch of Renaissance. Having visited the palace, the guests considered it to be heaven on earth. Unfortunately, even most powerful fortification systems couldn’t protect the town from the Turkish invasion that thundered in the XVI century. Restoration and renovation works were started only in the XIX century and are still in progress. Solomon Tower is one of the most important architectural constructions of Visegrad castle that used to be a prison and its most legendary and famous prisoner was count Dracula. Nowadays, this building hosts the museum of king Matthias.

Szentendre is so called pearl of Danube Bend. This peculiar merchants’ town has incredible charm and peculiarity and is located on the slopes of Media Pest. It is characterized with red tile roofs, small squares and paved roads, brightly painted houses and rather modest churches against their background. All these create a picture of a fairy medieval town. Middle Ages are the time when main population of the town consisted of Serbian refugees, they added their part to the general appearance of the town where Balkan atmosphere is present and order is lacking. A number of Serbian churches are an integral part of architectural content of the town. Szentendre is famous for its multisided cultural life, as in the XX century the town got interesting for sculptors, painters and other people of art that created a special atmosphere. Lots of museums and art galleries are gathered in this cozy town where they were mixed with creative workshops and souvenir shops.Danube Bend

Tour to Marzipan Museum is very interesting for a number of tourists. Ground floor of this museum is occupied with a confectionery and a shop. On the first floor you can get familiar with a unique and surprising collection of art pieces from marzipan. During the excursion you have a chance to learn the craft and process of making this popular delicacy.

In the year 1993 a wine museum called “Labyrinth” was opened in Szentendre. Here you will be offered an excursion into the history and traditions of winemaking, and naturally, you will have a chance to taste the most delicious sorts of this product.

As far as Szentendre is situated close to the capital of Hungary, it is “a rest town” of capital citizens, where it is always comfortable and interesting to spend a week-end.     

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