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General info about Turkey

Turkey - is the most popular trend in mass tourism. Turkey is a country of great civilizations that left behind except the snow-covered mountains, warm seas and gentle climate of so many architectural monuments that the entire European Union can become stale envious. In addition, there rest in winter is not pleasant than in summer, not so hot (and trips to the cities and villages of Turkeys hot for that matter). Capital - Ankara (Ankara), major cities: Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Bursa. The country is washed by four seas: the North - black, in the west - Marmara and the Aegean in the south - the Mediterranean. In most of the country extending ridges and plateaus. Population - 69 million of the state is unique and, mostly, not ex nature. Emerald seas, endless golden beaches, gentle sun, covered with majestic pines, mountain peaks, steep river flows and waterfalls, and of course, Pamukkale - a unique place on our planet. Turkey - a paradise on Earth, where the richest culture, anchored deep national traditions, hospitable and wise people, graciously smiling and always ready to help. It is unparalleled in the world for a variety of dishes, "seasoned" irresistible melody, oriental tales and legends, falls in love with himself, calling your heart again and again to see this wonderful land.

Official language: Turkish
Population: about 76.8 million
Religion: Islam
Code of Turkey - 90
Monetary unit: Turkish lira (TRY), 1 TRY = 100 Kurush, 1 USD ≅1,48 TRY, 1 EUR ≅2,1 TRY
Visa: 30 USD
The cost of "standard" dinner: a cafe blyzko10 USD, in the restaurant - from 20 USD
Tipping: ~ 10% of order
Rent a car for day:
40 day USD on a day

Spa-summer beach season
Antalya coast: Antalya, Kemer, oatmeal, Olimpos, Belek, Side, Alanya, Kekova island
Aegean coast: Marmaris, Ichmeler, Fethiye, Bodrum, Kusadasi

For citizens of Ukraine has simplified - Visa to Turkey issued at any point of entry.

Importation of any currency in Turkey is unlimited, the amount of USD 5000 to specify in the customs declaration. Turkish lira in the country can import an unlimited number, but exported only in an amount not exceeding the equivalent of 100 USD.
Allowed duty-free importis 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco, 1 kg coffee, cosmetics, perfume and food - within personal needs. Forbidden to import drugs, narcotic drugs, weapons (members sports and hunting clubs with relevant documents can I take a special gun and 100 cartridges for it). It is forbidden to export weapons, ammunition, drugs and antiques.

Please note that at present, the restrictions imposed on the allowance of liquids in hand luggage on board. All the fluid that you try to hold in your hand luggage will be confiscated during boarding a plane (exclusion standard - liquid in bottles to 100 ml must be packaged in special bags, total no more than 1 liter). Goods bought in the airport of Antalya and is packaged in a plastic bag can also be confiscated. Please pay special attention to this fact at the purchase different oils and other fluids in the store, located on the first floor of the terminal AYT-2, and in some shops Duty Free, with no machines for sealing packages.
Tip: all of the liquid as possible trade-in baggage.

The climate in different regions varies markedly. In Istanbul, there is temperate climate, the average winter temperature is +4 C, summer +27 C. At the Antalya coast Mediterranean climate prevails with an average temperature +9 C in winter and +29 C in summer. Best time to rest at ski resorts - from mid December to mid April.

Beaches. On the Turkish coast beaches can be found almost all kinds - this sandy beach of Belek and Side, and rocky coves Kemer and Antalya. On the beaches of the Aegean Sea prevails pebbles. Almost a hundred beaches of Turkey appropriated "blue flag".

Turkey is a country for shopoholiks. In the resort cities of Turkey there are many shops where you can spend a lot of time choosing among lots of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Shops work from 9:00 to 21:00, but in resort areas where tourists go for a walk just after eight pm, when the day comes heat, fixed hours of work does not exist. Often, shops can work to the first hour or two nights.

What to see.
Most attractions in Istanbul - Sultanahmet near: Topkapi Palace (the first Sultans Palace, former residence of the Ottoman Empire), Ayia Sofia Cathedral (Church of Holy Wisdom), Blue Mosque (Sultan, the worlds first mosque with six minarets), Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan-shed, underground water storage), space Ahmediye. In the area of "new town" it is worth a look Dolmabahçe Palace and the famous Bosphorus Bridge.

Cappadocia - an area in Central Anatolia, one of the most visited places in Turkey. Nevşehir - Cappadocia administrative center, its main attractions are to seldzhukskohoi osmanskohoperiodam: citadel, mosque, religious school and museum. At 8 km from the town of Nevşehir lies with Chad carved into the soft ancient tufi housing and long labyrinths.

Goreme - a village located 10 km from Nevşehir. Main local landmark - open-air museum, which includes about 30 churches cave (in connection with restoration work is open access to seven of them). On the way to the museum can see the rock tombs of pre-Christian times and the church Ortamahalle.

Ihlara Gorge - one of the most beautiful places in Cappadocia, is worth a visit. It is located 75 km from Nevşehir, its length about 10 km and depth - 80 m. On both slopes of the canyon is situated about a hundred churches carved into rocks.

Derinkuyu and Kaymakly it the biggest and famous underground city of Cappadocia. There to this day there are old ventilation shafts and tunnels and rooms well lit. There Derinkuyu his time could live up to 20 000. His eight "floors" are open to visitors today, and most of them the bottom at a depth of 54 m. The City Kaymakly much like Derinkuyu, but has smaller dimensions - at least until an archaeologists excavated only five floors of the underground shelter.

Where to call:
Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine. Address: Kiev, Arsenalna street, 18. Phone: (+38 044) 281-07-50, 281-07-51. Fax: (+38 044) 285-64-23.
UkraineEmbassy in Ankara: +90 (312) 440-52-89.
Embassy of Ukraine in Istanbul: +90 (212) 662-25-41.
Police: 155
Ambulance: 112
Fire brigade: 110
Background (phones): 118
Road Police: 154
Istanbul code - 212 for the European part and 216 for parts for calls from other parts of the country and from abroad, Ankara - 312, Antalya - 242, Bodrum and Marmaris - 252, Izmir and Kusadasi - 256.