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General info about Italy


       Official Name - The Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana).

Geographical location - situated in the south of Europe, the Mediterranean basin. It occupies the Apennine Peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia and other small islands.

Geographic coordinates - 42 degrees North latitude, 12 degrees East longitude.

       Area - 301.2 thousand square kilometers. km. Area of land - 294 020 square meters. km. Year and Lakes Area - April 7 210. km.

Land boundaries: from Austria - 430 km, France - 488 km from the Vatican - 3.2 km, San Marino - 39 km from Slovenia - 232 km., With Switzerland - 740 km.

Length of coastline - 7 600 km.

Territorial waters - 12 nautical miles.

Continental shelf - 200 nautical miles.

Population - 60.2 million (2009)

Ethnic groups: Italians, Germans (in the Trentino-Alto Adige live German co
mmunity), French (in Valle d `Aosta), Slovenes (in Trieste, Horytsiya).

Capital - Rome - (Roma) - 2,7 million people (2008) from the suburbs - 3.8 million

Other major cities - Milan - 1.296 million people, Naples - 964
thousand people, Turin - 909 thousand people, Palermo - 659 thousand people, Genoa - 611 thousand people. (2008)

Provinces - 20 regions (regione), the region divided into 94 provinces (provincia), the province - the commune (comune).

Official language - Italian. English and French understood almost everywhere in hotels, restaurants, the tourist bureau. German - especially in resort areas in the north.

Main religion: Christianity. Church - Catholic.

Currency - the euro. 

National Day - June 2 - Proclamation of the Republic (1946)

State flag - a rectangular panel with three vertical stripes of uniform green, white and red. At present there is no single answer to the question about the meaning of colors of Italian flag. The most likely is the version where the colors match the flag colors of the Milan police uniforms.

  Coat. Italy has no national coat of arms, but there is an image that is the national symbol of Italy. This symbol was adopted in 1946. In the center - a pentagonal shape of a red star, which is the foundation of a large gear wheel (the symbol of labor), surrounded by olive and oak, symbolizing peace and strength. In addition, the branch of oil - the south of Italy, Dubai - north. Bottom obvyti arms crossed and a white ribbon with the words in Italian, "Italian Republic" (Repubblika Italiana).

 Membership in international organizations: a full member of the Great Seven, a member of the UN, EU and the euro zone, NATO, OSCE and the Schengen Agreement, WTO, IMF, IBRD, CE and others.

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