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General info about France

In France, perfectly compatible antiquity and modernity:

The Louvre, Versailles, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, the evening walk after the hay and a grand show at Moulin Rouge, tours of the Loire and entertainments in Disneyland. In addition, France - This is Blue Coast, which attracts us with its grace and beauty, there is always warm and 300 days of sunshine a year. It's Nice and Cannes, grand boulevards and expensive boutiques, flower and flea markets, twisting, and cozy Mediterranean streets and small cafes.

Money, money exchange
In France, as in all countries of the European Monetary Union (Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland and France), currency is the euro (EUR).


Climate of France
In France, the west winds prevail, bringing maritime air masses that mitigate climate of coastal and inland areas. In the western part of the country characterized by regular and abundant rainfall, often in the form of rain, ambulatory with areas of reduced atmospheric pressure in the Atlantic. To the south-eastern part of the country and Corsica typical cloudy, hot, dry summers and warm winters. In sunny weather often have more than 2500 hours per year. In the summer heat in July - August temperature of 20 C to 25 C? Water temperature in the Mediterranean coast near 23 C ... 25 S. The ideal time for hiking - spring, chestnuts in blossom time, and began to fall.

French Cuisine
French - very experienced nation, talking about cooking. It is said that French cuisine - one of the most exotic in Europe. Traditional dishes are oysters, frog quotes and onions soup. The table must be accompanied with wine, as it is a constitutive element in many dishes. Of course it is dry wine, red or white, depending on the dish. Some of the French prefer to dilute wine with water. Particularly popular are cheeses in France. Officially, there are over 400 varieties of French cheese (and every year there are new), recipes that are strictly secret.

According to statistics 90% of French Catholics, 2% - Protestants, 1% - Jews and 1% - Muslims.

Official Holidays:
New Year - January 1
Easter - date not fixed
Labor Day - May 1
Liberation Day - May 8
Lifted - May 20
Capture of Bastille Day - July 14
St. Maria - August 15
All Saints Day - November 1
Armistice Day in World War I - 11 November
Christmas - December 25

Useful moments

Of course size tip do not exceed 10-15% of the cost of services. In restaurants the tip is sometimes made to account, under "service comprise".

Business meetings and any negotiations the French prefer to do in French, even if they have other languages. Punctuality is regarded as a sign of politeness.

Mode of travel and stay

In large cities, most shops open from 10:00 to 19:00. Day off - Sunday. In the province of many shops are closed on Monday. Lunch from 12:00 to 14:00 or from 13:00 to 15:00. Some shops once a week to work 21:00. Malls often open 21:00 or 22:00. Food shops and bakeries typically work in the morning on Sunday and public holidays.

With regard to movements in the country, the French transport network one of the most intense and most efficient in the world. Railways different speed, accuracy and security as well as direct access to downtown. Very convenient subway trains in it, which is constantly updated, you can drive over 200 km.

Buses are not very popular, with the exception of bus network SNCF. Most major cities in the bus station is next to the station SNCF. In all regions fitted with the schedule of work hours, training in schools and work shops, food markets. This often means that the buses leave very early in the morning. They travel slowly, travel cheaper than trains.

Rules of entry

Visa called to the French Embassy in Ukraine for 2 weeks.

Required documents:

internal passport
2 photos
Help with job
marriage certificate

French Embassy in Ukraine
Address: Kyiv, str. Liberty, 39
Phone: (044) 590-36-00
Fax: (044) 590-36-30
Surgery hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30 - 13:00
Website: http://www.ambafrance-ua.org

Embassy of Ukraine in France
Address: 21, avenue de Saxe, 75007 Paris, France
Phone: +10-33 (1) 4306-07-37, 4306-04-11
Fax: +10-33 (1) 4306-02-94