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General information about Montenegro

Montenegro - a unique country where you get all the conditions for a relaxing holiday: majestic mountains, rivers with clear water, blue lakes, unspoiled expanses of the Adriatic Sea and numerous miles of wonderful beaches, where regularly have rest many celebrities.

In 1991, Montenegro was proclaimed the country a clean, pristine and protected nature, and it corresponds to reality. In this beautiful country is situated very clean sea, and the water is so transparent that the seabed can be viewed even at a depth of 50 meters. In Montenegro you can find everything for a perfect rest: unforgettable beaches, the incredibly beautiful lake Skadar, which is famous for its monasteries and an abundance of delicious fish, here is the worlds second largest canyon of the Tara river, which, thanks to its magnificent beauty became a national park.

The capital of Montenegro, by the countrys Constitution, is Cetinje, and the administrative center - Podgorica.
Population - 672,2 thousand people (2009)
Ethnic groups: Montenegrins - 43%, Serbs - 32%; Bosnians - 8%, Albanians - 5%, others (Croats, Arabs, Russian, Roma and others) - 12%.
Religion: Orthodox - 74.24%, Islam - 17.74%, Catholic (Roman Catholic) - 3,54%
Language: the official believed - Serbian (also often used the Albanian, Croatian and Bosnian languages)
Currency - Euro
1 = 100 cents, specie 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1 and 2 Euros.

Nature and Geography
The Republic of Montenegro geographically located in southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. In the south-east of the country borders with Albania, western neighbors are - Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the south, the colorful Montenegro separated by the Adriatic Sea with Italy.

High mountains cover a diverse fauna - are inherent in these territories and acacia, and olive and pine trees. And at sunset, when the sun is almost gone over the horizon, the mountains appear black. Thats why this wonderful small European country and called the Montenegro.

The highest mountain peak of Montenegro is Bobotov Cook (altitude 2522m.) That is in the mountain massif of Durmitor. The deepest canyon of the country - the canyon of river Tara (depth - 1300m.), the largest lake - Skadar (391 square km), the largest bay - Bokokotorsky bay.

Climate Montenegro
Montenegro easily could be considered a ideal region for tourism: unspoiled nature, magnificent landscape of mountain ranges, over 73 km of pure sand, pebble and artificial beaches. The season for swimming in these parts lasts from mid-May to late October. About eight months of the year the average temperature is 27 degrees. In summer the average water temperature is approximately the same.

Climate in Montenegro, mainly depends on the terrain: if on the coast of Mediterranean climate, the part of the foothills, at the distance of several kilometers as the crow flies from the coast, dominated by continental. In total, the country is divided into four climatic zones, which mainly coincide with the geomorphological regions - littoral, rocky plateaus, plains and highlands.

Citizens of Ukraine visa is not required to stay on the territory of Montenegro up to 30 days, but only if they have one of the documents listed hereinafter: travel voucher business invitation from a company registered in Serbia or Montenegro, invited by a private person, which must be certified by the authorities local government or in the court. Validity of passport before the trip must be at least 6 months.

For Foreigners allowed to import and export an unlimited amount of foreign currency into the country, declared upon entry to the country. The export without special permission, objects and things that are historical and artistic value. You can import to Montenegro: cigarettes - 200 pcs. or cigars - 50 pcs., or tobacco - 250 g; wine - 2 liters of liquor - 1 liter.

Air. In Montenegro, there are two international airports, one in Podgorica, and the second in Tivat. Some flights are through the airport in Dubrovnik, but to reach out to the resort towns rather difficult.
Train. To Montenegros possible path through Belgrade, and then in Novi Sad and Subotica. Within the country, travel by train is not convenient. At this influenced the topography (mountains), which caused no full extent of development of railway transport. In the case of travel by railway, it is best to reserve tickets in advance.
Car. A big plus is that the Ukrainians in Montenegro can ride with the rights of a national sample, although for some people from Europe at the border crossing on a private vehicle is necessary to have an international drivers license. When traveling by car is the availability of compulsory insurance, which bought the territory of Ukraine or at border crossings. Buying insurance at the border, its price can cost you more, so you should take care of this in advance. Violators of traffic rules will have pretty empty your pocket, because fines are a decent level, and follow the order of a police.
Buses. Bus transportation of Montenegro will surprise you with its diversity becouse travel of this type provide dozens of major European companies and many local carriers.

Important phone numbers:
Police - 92, with 122 mobile
Fire - 93
Ambulance - 94
Help on the roads - 1987

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