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General information about Brazil

      Official name
- Federal Republic of Brazil

      Political system - federal presidential republic.

Geographical location - situated in the center of South America, occupies almost half the continent.
Brazil - the largest by area and population of South America. In the north, bordering French Overseas Department of Guiana (the border - 673 km) Surinamom (597 km), Colombia (1119 km), Venezuela (2200 km) and Colombia (1643 km) in the west - Peru (1560 km); south-west - Bolivia (3400 km), Paraguay (1290 km), Argentina (1224 km) and Uruguay (985 km). In eastern Brazil Bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

The total length of border - 14691 km. Length of coastline from the border with Guyana to the border with Uruguay - 6840 km.

Area - 8.5 million square meters. km.

The highest peak - La Neblyna northwest (3014 m).

Political division - 26 states and 1 federal district, where the capital.

Population estimates for 2001 amounted to 174.5 million.

Capital - Brasilia - 2.1 million

Major Cities: Sao Paulo - 10.1 million people, Rio de Janeiro - 6.0 million, Salvador - 2.5 million, Belo Horizonte - 2.3 million, Fortaleza - 2 , 2 million

Official language - Portuguese. Common also English, German, Italian.

 Religion. Approximately 80% of the population of Brazil - Catholics. Most of the other population professes Protestantism. Small proportion are Jews, Muslims and Buddhists. Preserved African cults, including kandomble.

      Currency - Brazilian real. 

       State flag - adopted in 1992. Is a rectangular green that is in a blue circle shows the part of the sky over Rio de Janeiro with the Southern Cross, blended with the yellow parallelogram. Circle crosses the white band with the motto: "Order and progress".
National Brazilian colors are yellow and green. Under the first decree of independence and state symbols of Brazil, green indicates spring, yellow - gold. Picture of the flag was created in 1889 proposed the concept of drawing professor Teksyra Mendes. The stars in the blue circle corresponds to the provision of these stars were on the night of November 15, 1889

National Emblem -  shining five star in green and gold colors with a red frame in the center of which, the round blue field, five silver stars - Crux. The field is surrounded by a blue frame with twenty-six (the number varies according to the number of Brazilian states) with silver stars. For a star located sword handle is visible in the bottom of the emblem, the star surrounded by a wreath of olive branches.

Membership in international organizations - WTO, World Bank, IMF, MFCHH, UN, OAS and others.

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