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General information about Greece

Greece - is a country of smiles, unique nature and incredible opportunities for any type of recreation.

Greece – is  the country of smiles, of  unique nature and improbable possibilities for any type of rest.
Greece – is exotic edge. A place specially created for refined rest. Tropical vegetation, warm sea, magnificent hotels, infinite beaches with warm small sand. Each corner of this country is unique and is not similar to another.
Greece – is located on a joint of  West and East, two cultures, two religions. One more uniqueness of the country consists in it.
Greece borders on Albania, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
Coast of Greece are washed by four unique seas: Aegean, Ionian, Cretan and the Libyan, each with its own unique history and legend.

Climate in Greece is Mediterranean. In Greece moderate winter (a season of rains) and warm summer. The wind which blows in a direction of Aegean islands, creates perfect conditions for fans of sailing and surfing.

Population is 11 million, 1.4 from which are live on islands.
93 %-are greeks, the others 7 %-are turks, Armenians, Albanians etc.
Distinctive feature of Greeks - this combination of absolutely inconsistent qualities, such as irascibility and sentimentality.
Nodding head “from below upwards” in Greece means "no", and "from top to down" - "yes", therefore you must be extremely cautious;)
Greek “avrio” that is translated as tomorrow, means something uncertain or refusal.

The Greek cuisine will amaze even the most captious critic, it is very  reminds “taste of the childhood”.

Three rules of each cook of Greece:
1. Fresh products
2. Moderately spices and olive oil
3. Simplicity

Olive oil of Greece, is the purest and qualitative, after all not for nothing Greece wins first place on export this product. "Fet’s" cheese also is national property of Greece.
The transport network of Greece after the introduction into EU has been strongly modernised, therefore to hire the car, will not make special work.

Resorts of Greece:

Attica - area of Greece where is situated Athen. Holidays in Attica - fine possibility to combine acquaintance to the Athenian antiquity and sea tour. At coast of Attica many public and private beaches, are constructed unique hotels. Not casually vicinities of a place of Vuliagmeni even are nicknamed by "the Athenian Riviera". Besides, in Attica many places -  that attracting your attention for example, the well-known temple of Poseidon on cape Sunion.

Athenes - the city is named in honour of the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom - Athena. A huge museum of antique architecture open-air. Only visiting these places, you can consider itself as the European. After all Athenes – the native land of many things, from democracy before Olympic games.

Halgida is a resort with rich excursion possibilities, the unique nature and exclusive hotel base. The peninsula Halkidiki is located in northern part of Aegean sea, the form it reminds a trident. Three terminations are three "fingers" - peninsulas: Csandra, Sitonija and Agion Oros (Athos).
Today it is one of the most non-polluting centre of the tourism, rolling in bright greens even at the height of summer

Island Rhodes – the large centre of tourism, with luxurious hotels, cosy beaches and entertaining institutions – it is the most  tourists visited island.

The island Crete always was the centre of contact civilizations various that has generated set of the legends connected with this place.

The island Corfu sung by Ancient Greek poets famous as a Homere and Apolloniem Rodossky, as a small paradise on the earth.

Island Mikonos – is famous for the quantity of beaches. On island about thirty readily available beaches with small sand and warm water.

The island Santorini – is multi-coloured beaches of red, white and black colour, are surprisingly combined with an azure of the sea and will leave nobody indifferent.

Having visited Greece you for certain do not pass “fur shopping”, for many it is a trip overall objective. You can get the qualitative goods under the favourable price.

Probably you already were convinced that Greece - is rest for you ;)


Term of registration of the visa
From 14 working days. Visas under the charter program are made out from 10 days.


  • Necessary documents:
  • The questionnaire of the tourist;
  • The passport;
  • The internal passport;
  • 2 photos (including for children);
  • The reference, work record card copy (all filled pages);
  • Marriage certficate copy;
  • The permission of the parent to departure of the child;
  • If in the passport less than two Schengen visas, are necessary financial acknowledgement (credit card with an extract about a state of the account and its movement or travel checks from calculation 80-100$ for days of stay).

The list is valid for Consular department in Kiev. On other Consulates (Odessa, Mariupol) it is necessary to specify at the manager. (Irrespective of presence of Schengen visas) financial acknowledgement of solvency (a credit card with an extract from bank about the rest on the account and movement on bank for last 6 months or traveller’s cheques from calculation 100$ from the person for days of stay is necessary for all clients.

General information

  • Official language: Greek
  • The state religion: Orthodoxy
  • Territory of 131.957 km
  • The population of 11,306,183 people
  • Euro currency
  • Telephone code +30