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Southern coast of Crimea - Solar city Yalta

        Located to the South of the Crimean peninsula, sunny Yalta is a popular destination for tourists. Surrounded by mountains, Yalta does not experience from strong winds, that’s why even in winter it is relatively warm. The subtropical climate, most unusual for Ukraine, makes the city attractive to people who love to combine active recreation: mountain climbing, horseback riding, rafting, with the more passive - the beaches in Yalta stretch on forever and the Black Sea will grant you health and beauty. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the wild beaches are for you. After visiting Yalta you will find yourself in the best of health with plenty of positive emotions and impressions.

        We can trace Yalta’s history to ancient times where remnants of the Cimmerians and the Tauri have been found. Jalita, one of Yalta’s oldest names, has been documented since the 12th century. This place has always been a lure for conquerors: this city owned by the Genoese, the Ottoman Empire and after, Catherine Great called this place her crown jewel. Yalta has not always been a resort centre. But the healthy climate of Yalta could not remain unnoticed. Scientists such as Botkin, A. Zakhar'in and others vehemently advocated this, at that time it was unknown town.And since 1873, when Livadia became the king's summer residence and the railway was almost built, the rest in Yalta was becoming fashionable and the city began its rapid development. At the time, a stay in Yalta could be afforded by only a selected few - "the cream of society", and for other the ordinary people the doors to the Southern coast were closed. The situation changed dramatically after the revolution in 1917 when a health resort and sanatorium for peasants was opened in Yalta.

        The terror and tragedy of World War II did not bypass this «paradise on earth», and much of the city was destroyed. Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of the people, the city was quickly rebuilt.

        Now Yalta pleases the eye, body and soul. There is a huge number of attractions in Yalta: ancient palaces, cathedrals and churches, parks and reserves. Yalta is abounding with palaces: Massandra and Livadia Palaces, former residences of the Romanov family. 

        Crimea has long been famous for its wines, and here you have the opportunity to visit the Massandra winery, a place where, the wine cellars dug into the rock, and the best wines mature in Ukraine. Children will like, certainly, the museum "The Glade of fairy tales", where the characters of children's folk tales live outdoors. More than 300 sculptures by the 25 authors from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and Lithuania you can see here. The first private zoo in the CIS was opened in Yalta; it was named "Fairy Tale", which managed to visit for more than 1 million tourists.

        Yalta also boasts the natural treasure ‘The Uchan-Su’ - the highest waterfall in Crimea and in Ukraine. Nearby the house-museum of Anton Chekhov is located. If you want to learn more about Yalta, then the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum opens it's doors for you, it tells about the ancient settlements, the history of Yalta and its emergence as the best resort-city of the Crimean coast.

Author Daria Talan


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