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Vorontsov LighthouseVorontsov lighthouse in Odessa is not just one of the most important Maritime port facilities, but also another landmark of South Palmyra. Vorontsov lighthouse located in the port of Odessa, on the tip Regovoha (and previously Quarantine) mall. Vorontsov lighthouse meets the first all coming in the port of Odessa court, and the last of their escorts.

The history of the Vorontsov lighthouse begins in 1815, according to which traced some "dynastic" changes. Changed Vorontsov lighthouse lights and beacons, with each of the adjustments that they had changed, improved.

So, in 1815 in Odessa was the first lighthouse. But it was built not at the current location, but closer to the town itself, on the Cape of the Big Fountain. Quarantine moll gradually more and more lengthened, thereby leaving at a greater distance from the coast of Odessa. In this regard, it was necessary to move and the lighthouse. First Vorontsov lighthouse was made of wood. It was laid during the General-major Cobbles, and built the lighthouse already during this period the Prince of the Governor-General Vorontsov. Grand opening of the lighthouse took place on 6 December 1827; in the moment Krasnoselskii Odessa he invented the name "Vorontsov".Vorontsov Lighthouse

The name of the lighthouse has survived to our days, in spite of all the modifications that he survived. The initiator of the construction in 1845 the first stationary lighthouse at the Quarantine mole was a famous Russian naval commander, whom we all know as the discoverer of Antarctica, Mikhail Lazarev. In 1863, here is a new lighthouse, which was the first cast-iron Vorontsov lighthouse. In consequence of all these beacons were also cast. The following reconstruction of the Vorontsov lighthouse took place in 1888. This lighthouse was able to stand unchanged until the beginning of the great Patriotic war, when in 1941 he held the assault on Odessa. At that time, the lighthouse was quite a large building, whose height reached seventeen meter. The lighthouse was made in the form of cast-iron tower, which narrowed closer to the top, he was also French lighting system. One of the main features of that time possessed Vorontsov lighthouse, had rooms for the guards that were guarding this building. According to the memories of Kortney Chukovsky, rooms for guards were more like "the most that neither is a poor hovel with a narrow bunk and inverted box instead of the table”.Vorontsov Lighthouse

As already mentioned, this lighthouse was unable to survive the tragic events of the great Patriotic war. During the assault on Odessa 15 September 1941, the command of the Soviet army ordered to blow up Vorontsov lighthouse, so that the Nazis could not produce the bombardment of the port of Odessa. The Germans, who were located in Chabanka, when I saw the red light of the Vorontsov lighthouse, had a wonderful opportunity for the bombardment of Odessa, but to use this opportunity they failed.

After the war began the restoration of the Vorontsov lighthouse, and a new lighthouse that still meets and sees off the ship in the port of Odessa, appeared in 1954. White handsome man who stands at the end of the Raid’s mole, was not built in a conical shape, and cylindrical. Sleek new lighthouse architecture is not less beautiful than the previous one, with the picturesque seascape, which opens to the sailors that long time, plied the sea. Especially well Vorontsov lighthouse looks in clear sunny weather.

Paying homage to the Odessa traditions, the new lighthouse is also called Vorontsov. Its height, in comparison with the predecessor, has significantly increased and now reaches 26 meters. Vorontsov LighthouseThe cast-iron tower Vorontsov lighthouse is casted in Kronstadt shipyard. After sunset on the top of the Vorontsov lighthouse lights up red light is his so-called "Regular light", which can be seen at a distance of 15 miles from shore. Burns Vorontsov lighthouse as follows: first, three short flashes, the interval between which is only a half second, then goes dark interval, and then again three red flashes. During the night mist on the lighthouse on the alarm, this has an interesting name - nautophone. Today Vorontsov lighthouse equipped with all necessary audio, radio and light signaling equipment.

Around the Vorontsov lighthouse hovers very romantic atmosphere. It creates a high white tower, red light, steep steps that go directly to the sea, enclosing black chain. Vorontsov lighthouse is one of the most popular attractions of Odessa, which is admired by many generations of residents of this city. Vorontsov lighthouse is a place near which visited each of Odessa, and some of them even managed to make proposals of marriage. Well, if you want to know more detailed information about the Vorontsov lighthouse, you best to first see with my own eyes, and then chat with Odessa sailors, for whom the light of the lighthouse is the most awaited and Holy sight.

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