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The name of the famous Governor of the Russian Emperor, count Mikhail Vorontsov appears on many pages of the history of the Russian Empire, with the activities and influence Vorontsov involves climbing to a new level of status in many cities of Russia, Ukraine and not only. And, as commanded in history, to honor such a great man as count Mikhail Vorontsov, called a lot of attractions. In particular I want to talk about one of his palaces. Them, as you know, Vorontsov was a lot and in different cities in Odessa, in Alupka, in Tbilisi. Yes! Tbilisi is another lovely city in which he lived and worked as the Great Governor of the Russian Emperor count Mikhail Vorontsov.

Vorontsov PalaceVorontsov Palace in Tbilisi is one of the many beautiful historical sites of the Georgian capital, which is conveniently located on Rustaveli Avenue, which in itself is an attraction.This Palace was built in 1868. Rather, it was the restructuring of the previously erected on the same site of the Palace of the Prince-General P. D. Tsitsianov, who served as supreme commander of Georgia in the period from 1802 to 1806. To develop the architectural design of this building labored N. Semenov. Vorontsov Palace was partially retained its original construction to the present day.

After General Tsitsianov Palace was replaced by a huge number of owners. They were also high-ranking officials of the Russian Empire, who were appointed generals to command in the Caucasus, namely: Gudovich, Paulucci, Tormasov, Ermolov, Rtischev, Rosen, Paskevich, Neidhard, Golovin, Myravyov, Read, Baryatinsky, Vorontsov, and His Majesty Prince Mikhail Nikolaevich Romanov.

Why the Palace is named in honor of Prince Vorontsov? Perhaps this is more of a rhetorical question. Because everyone knows the natures of the activities of count Vorontsov. With the name of this man in the history and culture of Georgia has started a new era. During the governorship in the Caucasus count Mikhail Vorontsov was established a large number of schools and public libraries, several theaters, began the publication of the newspaper "Caucasus". But most importantly, at this time began to revive old Caucasian traditions that influenced the long reign of the Persians on the territory of the Caucasus were quite forgotten. Thanks to the activities of count Vorontsov in Georgia were built new residential areas in Tbilisi, opened the first plants.

Vorontsov Palace on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi is the most ancient architectural monument, which is built in the style of the Palazzo Renaissance era.Vorontsov Palace is distinctive in its solemnity and unique elegance, restraint, solidity and grandeur in the best sense of the word. This Palace is so beautiful that it can easily compete with many of the best works of architecture in Europe. Great exterior and interior of the Vorontsov Palace leads each visitor overjoyed. The building blends harmoniously into the overall architectural ensemble and atmosphere of the historical and cultural attractions the main Avenue of Tbilisi.Vorontsov Palace

The Palace was leaking privacy all of the Vorontsov families, as well as conducted daily work count: organized business meetings, took place the official ceremony, and gave dinners, dances and many other events. All this explains the huge size of the Vorontsov Palace, a variety of interior and careful planning. Spacious halls for official receptions mixed with cozy Seating, Grand enfilade and simple rooms. Around the Palace there is a lush garden, which is cultivated unique variety of flora.

Special attention is attracted ceilings in all the rooms of the Palace, which is covered with splendid ornaments of gold, its unique design and beautiful chandelier, bronze lamps and candlesticks, refined interior. Most visitors thrill Persian room of the Vorontsov Palace. Opening the doors of this beautiful hall, a person can for a moment to harden from the stunning beauty of the Persian hall, sense of airiness and lightness. Almost the entire room is decorated in white tones. Special, more precisely truly unique solution in the creation of architectural decoration Persian hall are mirror inserts that are in the stucco ceiling, walls and thus create a memorable effect the ephemerality of the hall.

Vorontsov Palace in Tbilisiis not only one of the most important historical and cultural attractions of the city, but the cultural heritage of all the Georgian people, as well as important historical place, with whom were associated the important events of the country. The building of the Vorontsov Palace from the end of 1917 began to hold regular meetings of the government of the Transcaucasian Federation. It was here on March 26, 1918, was officially declared the independence of Georgia, and two days later there appeared two independent countries - Azerbaijan and Armenia. Therefore, we can safely say that the Vorontsov Palace is a significant landmark not only for Georgia but for the whole of Transcaucasia. Inside the building there is even a memorial plaque in honor of the independence of Azerbaijan.

During the Soviet era, the Vorontsov Palace was transferred to the Department of children and youth, and it became known as the Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren. And after independence of the country, the Vorontsov Palace was the Palace of youth of Georgia.

The last resident of the Vorontsov Palace was the mother of the leader of Joseph Stalin - Catherine Dzhugashvili, which in Georgia is called a simple name, is Keke.The Palace, for it was too large, so lived the cake in a small room with small Windows facing the courtyard.

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