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Known sights

Louvre - one of the oldest and richest museums in the world. For centuries it was a fortress, prison and the residence of french kings and the academy.

Versailles - one of the most visited tourist cities in France, second after the capital. Versailles is known, above all, its castle, former residence of French kings, who retained the original beauty of the palaces and parks. This is undoubtedly a symbol of the power of the kingdom of France. During examination of the palace is use an audio guide - a device like a handset on which you can listen descriptions and explanations for each room. The most beautiful exhibits is located at Versailles: Neptune pool and the Grand Canal. In the northwestern part of the park are two of Versailles palaces: Large Trianom and small Trianom.

Notre Dame (Notre-Dame-de-pair), a witness of many historical events,strikes the grandeur and beauty.

Eiffel Tower - the symbol of France.There is a platform with a beautiful panorama of Paris, when you are at on height of bird flight.

Triumphal Arch from the overhead terrace of which a surprising panorama is opened on the area of Star.

"Moulin Rouge" (Red Mill) - a musical variety show, was founded in 1889, it very spectacular show in Paris. Graceful dancer, a famous french Cancan and stunning beauty of costumes. The show start at 23:00 and lasts about two hours. The price of ticket includes one bottle of champagne for two.

Paris Disneyland has become a new interesting object for everyone who comes to Paris. Its fantastic attractions provide an opportunity to plunge into the world of fairy dreams, go to space travel, be on board the submarine, catapult cannon on the moon, go to the cinema with the future effect of the presence or ride on the "toboggan" on the ruins of the ancient temple.

Evening boat trip on the river Seina. Paris Ship "Bato-Mush "(fly) transport you under lit bridge in downtown. Delicate Eiffel Tower, lighted garlands with a flashlights, the Friendship Square, evening Notre Dame de Paris - just a fantastic show!