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There is also situated one of the “Roshen’s” confectionaries. The products of this company are well known for local and foreign lovers of sweets. Thanks to "Roshen" Vinnytsa became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the map of Ukraine. And really, who did not hear about the unique Vinnytsa fountain "Roshen" - one of the most beautiful in Europe and the largest of those that operate with an open circuit (floating platform that uses the water from the river, the only floating fountain in Ukraine).

ts construction took about $ 4 million. He is considered the biggest in Europe, and not inferior to the largest fountain in the Dubai UAE. Now rightly FOUNTAIN Roshen is not only attraction in Vinnitsa but  pride of whole Ukraine.

The best video can hardly convey the whole luxury of Vinnytsa fountains spectacular.  3D screens and a powerful Audio - is an indescribable sight in the night sky Vinnitsa! The main thing to take a plediki and warmly dressed as a majestic fountain splashes Ukraine found nearly everywhere you;).

 It's really better to see it live.

Also, you can see in Vinnitsa the pool in "Wehrwolf" constructed for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, visit the estate-museum of N. Pirogov and the church-shrine with his mummified body. You’ll have an opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere of the old Vinnytsa, which will surprise you by the integrity and elegance of constructions, estimate "Karpfen" city trams and new bike lanes that create the association with Switzerland, fill the warm hospitality and friendliness of local residents.


Tour to Vinnitsa|Show Vinnitsa fountains|day-tour Tour to Vinnitsa|Show Vinnitsa fountains|day-tour Tour to Vinnitsa|Show Vinnitsa fountains|day-tour

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                 If there is a big desire to get in Vinnitsa, see the splendid show of fountains in Vinnitsa, the secret object - a Gitlers Headquarters (Werewolf), a lot of interesting pages of history and culture of Vinnitsa region - you can visit our Tours.

Tour to Vinnitsa|Show Vinnitsa fountains

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