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"Searching for a  beauty. Shabo"

Only two things determine the greatness of the country: the beauty of its women and taste of vine.

("The Hour" film)

           The beauty of the women in our country is out of doubt. It's all clear. The situation with a wine is a bit more complicated. But even in this area there are new positive developments.

            The recipe for success is simple and effective at the same time. First you need to find a place with ideal conditions for growing grapes, with the most favorable climate and soils. For example, like in the famous grape latitude in France. And we have such place at the same latitude in our country, it's a territory betweenDniester estuary and the Black Sea coast. Winemaking had been established here since the times of the ancient Greeks and Genoese. Later the tradition of winemaking here was followed by Turks and French-Swiss settlers after them. With the lapse of time a settlementappeared here near the vineyards with the name came to us in the last French transformation version - Chabo.

            Ten years ago a state company has changed the form of ownership. It was the start of new successful period of revival and modernization. This step has brought very good results. the company's products have won a number of awards and the Grand Prix at professional exhibitions and competitions. And at the end of 2012  "Shabo" wines has got an elite status in the world of wine - CNO wines. The CNO status can be given only to the best wines, the names of which are controlled by origin.

            A few years earlier in 2009 the company gave to everyone a unique opportunity to join the sacred atmosphere of the  of wine creation process and opened the country's first "Wine Cultural Center Shabo", which is already included by the Commission of the Council of Europe to European wine itinerary maps. In the wine center visitors enter the wonderful world of wine from its ancient origins to the modernized present days. There are ancient historical cellars and luxurious tasting rooms,  an original museum-maze and thematic multimedia equipment in the center. Also you will find here the unforgettable sculpture works of the famous Swiss artist Hugo Cher with the author's symbolic sign language on them, telling the history of Shabo winemaking.

            The wine tasting in the underground crystal hall surrounded by large oak barrels will give you a unforgettable pleasure. We're used to a dinner with a wine where it acts accompanying and complementary role. But tasting is a ceremony where the wine gets a place of honor, in order to appreciate all the beauty of its color, richness of aroma and perfection of taste.

            Here, on the territory of company there is also a small shop with very reasonable prices where you can buy those Shabo wines which you liked best during the tasting. Besides you'll find here sparkling wines and vermouth, also of Shabo production.

Cozy restaurant "Shabsky dvoryk" with delicious home cooking waits for you after excursion.

If time permits, you can also go to the largest fortress in Ukraine Ackerman located nearby.

And after the tour to the "Wine Cultural Center Shabo" you have no doubts that everything's all right in Ukraine not only with beautiful women, but also with a good wine.

In conclusion let's mention another thematic phrase:

 "We should enjoy our life as a superb wine, sip by sip, with a respite. Because even the best wine loses all charm for us, we stop to appreciate it when we drink it like water" (Ludwig Feuerbach)

Alexandr Pylypchuk

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