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Great SorochyntsiProbably many people remember such a legendary line: "Such luxury shone one of the hot days of August one thousand eight hundred... hundred... Yes, about thirty years ago, when the road, ten miles to the town of Sorochin, boiling people, harrying from neighboring and distant villages to the fair. In the morning there was interminable string of Chumakov with salt and fish. Mountain pots, wrapped in hay, moved slowly seems to be missing its conclusion and darkness; here only some bright painted bowl or pan boastfully spoke highly perched on the cart fence and attracted the affectionate glances admirers of luxury. Many passers-by looked with envy at the highest Potter, owner of the jewelry so that the slow steps followed their goods, carefully wrapping the clay of their dandies and coquettes hay hateful for them". Of course, these lines are owned by the famous Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol. Thanks Gogol's work "Sorochinskaya fair" Sorochin village (now it Velikiye Sorochintsy in Myrgorod district, Poltava region) since the XVIII century became famous far beyond the borders of the country.

Several centuries ago, this settlement was called differently - Krasnopol. The current name appeared only with the 1620's. In 1648 it was organized Sorochinskaya hundred, which was subject Myrgorod Cossack regiment. In the second half of the XVII century in the village began to regularly trade fair. And this tradition has lasted for several centuries. At this time, all local land started to buy Homyteske the centurion, who later became Myrgorod Colonel Paul the Apostle. His son Daniel, the Apostle, the future Hetman of Zaporozhe, in 1689 received from Hetman Ivan Mazepa estate ownership in Homyteske and Sorochintsy, he immediately chose the village as his residence.

Great SorochyntsiOn the money of Danylo Apostol in the village was built the magnificent Transfiguration Church in 1732-1734 , who performed in the magnificent Baroque style. This temple is another attraction of the village Sorochintsy after the world famous Sorochinskaya fair. Inside of the Transfiguration temple is a huge iconostasis, which is kind of a record: the height of the iconostasis is 17 meters width - 20 meters. The iconostasis consists of more than 100 icons and paintings, housed in seven stages. One of the walls of the Transfiguration temple is decorated with the coat of arms, which has been preserved to our days. The Church managed to survive and be preserved almost in its original form only due to the already known and at that time the name of the writer Nikolai Gogol. In the Soviet Union in the building of the Transfiguration Church was opened the Museum of Gogol. In the register book No. 25 of this Church there is the following entry, dated March 20 (April 1) 1809: "20 March landowner Vasil Janowski was born the son of Nicholas and baptized March 22". Little Nicholas will grow up and become a famous writer who would glorify the village in his great works on the entire world.

Another attraction of the village Sorochintsy village is famous Gogol’s house in which was born the future genius of Ukrainian literature. Originally this house was owned by the famous military doctor M. J. Trohimovich. Today, the building is open literary-memorial Museum by name of N. Gogol. Among the exhibits of this Museum you can see the personal belongings of Gogol, who were with the writer during his travels in the Middle East and Europe - the manuscript Gogol, travelling bag for travel, the cylinder and his death mask.

Sorochinskaya fair

As previously mentioned, the fair was annually held in the village since the mid-seventeenth century until 1920. Similar fairs in Ukraine at that time were quite a lot. Not for nothing was selected and designated for fairs. Preference was given to those areas where it has always been an abundance of fish, rich harvest, was found in various animals, and people engaged in various crafts and trades. The Ukrainians to the organization of any holiday or event is always approached very seriously and with the soul, so fair, never been gray weekdays, skillfully turned into bright, fun and unforgettable holidays. At the fairs you could always buy very unusual, but very necessary goods.Great Sorochyntsi

Folk traditions organizing fairs in Sorochin was revived in 1966, and in 1995Sorochinskaya fair was granted International status. Four years later, in 1999, Sorochinskaya fair was also National. Every year during the last week of August, the biggest, the largest, most popular trade fair and exhibition event Field Sorochinskaya fair at Sorochintsy village is visited by thousands of tourists. The festival opens itself N. Gogol, at this time the whole village turns into an incredible and unique open-air Museum. In the courtyards of houses who styled the eighteenth century, the work of craftsmen and artisans.

Sorochinskaya fair and chumaks.We all know that even in ancient times for several centuries on the territory of Ukraine hunted Chumakov, whose main task was to deliver bread to the South of the country. With ports they went to salt lake, bought there salt, which is then sold at major trade fairs. They moved in small carts, which were yoked oxen. In addition to bread and salt Chumakov on the road were purchased and many other goods that are also in great demand at the fairs. Chumaks are free people who had great strength, both physical and spiritual. These people know how many and knew a lot. The Ukrainian people are very respectful was put to Chumaks. Because they were almost all the time on the road, day and night, sometime instead of the name "Milky Way", used the phrase "Chumak’s way". Almost always the Chumak’s way passed through Poltava, so not a fair without their participation did not pass.Great Sorochyntsi

Several centuries ago Sorochinskaya fair was not particularly popular and not particularly large. It was the usual Ukrainian folk fair. But that all changed after about it in his works was written by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol.

Now Sorochinskaya fair lasts for five days. It opens with Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, or rather a theatrical performance involving his most famous literary characters.

On the Sorochinskaya fair come from different production companies from all over Ukraine, in order to provide the visitors their goods.Here you can purchase various products and Souvenirs crafts the best artists of the country. Also on Sorochinskaya fair you can see the top of the government not only Ukraine but also in many other countries of the world.

Great SorochyntsiEach and every region of Ukraine has something to show to guests of the fair. Here sell everything from food and drinks, shoes and things of textile and fur products, equipment, utensils, and much more. Artisans at Sorochinskaya fair advertise and promote their production, and this makes it easier to find partners, investors or market their products in the future.

All visitors Sorochinskaya fair we definitely recommend a visit to the folklore of the area of the fair, which is decorated like a real Ukrainian village. Here local crafts Petrykivka Kosmach and Oposhnya will surprise you with its colorful toys, painted ceramic tableware and popular embroidery.

Sorochinskaya  fair is not just an exhibition and sale of various consumer goods, this is a real holiday, which is accompanied by dance, folk entertainments and festivals, songs, competitions, performances at the Nativity scene, which is set right in the middle of center Field Sorochinskaya fair.

Always worth a try "kitchen Sorochinskaya fair"! It’s something incredible! Delicious homemade food, cooked according to old grandma's recipes with tenderness and love, simple and very tasty. All dishes are simple and so familiar with each fragrant air pies with cabbage, meat, rice and green onions, egg, or fresh jellied beef, tender cabbage rolls in tomato and cream sauce, delicious soup with neigh toasts, pre-grated garlic.Great Sorochyntsi

Local chefs and confectioners every year try something new to surprise and delight people Sorochinskaya fair: we will bake a great loaf, which weighed 250 pounds and had a diameter of one meter; it will cook the meat cake, weighing only 65 pounds. Cakes this cake was made from minced meat workers sausage shop “Kremenchug meat”, as ornaments were chosen smoked sausages. Was also prepared another loaf weighing 320 pounds. It was made in the form of “one” coins. For three days the loaf was baked five masters that used for the preparation of 110 eggs, 30 kg of sugar, 7 kg of margarine, 200 kg of flour.

Accommodation in Great Sorochin

Going on a trip in Sorochintsy, You can advance to rent housing from local residents, or to reserve one of the cozy rooms in hotels or resorts Myrgorod, which is located just 24 km from the village of Great Sorochintsy.

How to get in Great Sorochin

To get in Velikiye Sorochintsy by car, passing by Dykanka, Oposhnya, Myrgorod and Gadyach. If reachable by public transport by train or bus, then you need to go to Myrgorod and from there on a direct route or bus, which takes you to the village of Great Sorochintsy. During the Sorochinskaya fair introduced additional flights, both on rail and road transport. So to get to the fair is not difficult.

Visit Sorochinskaya fair will bring everyone a lot of positive emotions, much happy and unforgettable experience, in addition it is possible to extract a lot of use, as well as become a member of one of the most prestigious events of Ukraine. Because Sorochinskaya fair is a kind of visiting card of Ukraine, which shows undying traditions and customs of our people and the level of cultural development.

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