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Hungarian manor green tourism

In order to be imbued with Hungarian culture, not necessarily to get a visa and cross the Hungarian border ... Just visit Beregovo ....


Hungarian estates located in Beregovo district, Transcarpathian region.
Do not be surprised if you hear the Hungarian language, as the estate is located 10 km from the Hungarian border. But it does not hurt you to feel very warm hospitality of the Hungarians.
Coming to Berehove district - you will be greeted warmly hazyayki estates and pochastuyut Hungarian "Palanca" and pastries. Choir also will sing a hymn in Hungarian.

Hungarian manor green tourism (in the winter they are called Hungarian tourism estates white) - this is a private home. Bathroom in the house The owners of estates - Hungarians. Rooms are comfortable, two or triple room, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.
Here you will be welcomed in a warm and cozy family atmosphere.
Hazyayki will share with you recipes and customs of the Hungarian cuisine.
Every day you will have to prepare delicious and interesting dishes.
Hazyayki tell you where to shop, where you can go to the sauna, as well as analysis of the culture of the Hungarian people



Additional services:
Breakfast and dinner. Dinner consists of Hungarian cuisine. And do not forget to try the Hungarian "Palenque" ;)


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