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Eger is a northern city in Hungary. It is situated in the picturesque neighborhood of the Bukk mountain range. The city is represented by gorgeously decorated houses built in baroque style and cozy streets that create the city labyrinth. The city atmosphere makes it the coziest, the most beautiful city of the country.

History and Sights

EgerFirst historical records of the city date back to the XI century (the time when the episcopate was established here by king Istvan I). In the XII century construction works were started to erect the fortress which made its trace in the history of Hungarian state. History of Hungary in the middle of the XVI century is closely connected with the Osman reign, as in those times Eger was under Turkish control as well as bigger part of the country. Events of those times found their reflection if literature and art pieces of Hungary. One of them is the novel called “Stars of Eger” after which a film was shot in 1968 starring Imre Sinkovits.

Nowadays, fortress walls host the Istvan Dobo Castle Museum. Visitors of this site have a chance to get familiar with rich history of the fortress and this city. The peculiarity of the fortress is the system of corridors that is located under the ground and which saved its wonderful appearance. The Torture Museum is located here. Its exhibits put fear in heart of all its visitors.Eger

Main tourist attraction of the city is the Basilica made in classical style and built by the designs of JózsefHild (the architect famous due to the cathedral in the city of Esztergom). High steps lead to the cathedral which gives even more majestic impression to the building. Its huge organ, unrivalled in Hungary, is the main value of the church.

Archbishop’s Palace is situated not far from the Basilica and resembles Italian palazzos. The exhibition of valuable pieces of religious art is organized in the premises of this palace. In front of the Basilica you will find the Lyceum which is an old Hungarian school. Main attraction of this is the library including 130 thousand volumes of various books written in 34 languages. The library is decorated with ceiling frescos and amazing artistic carving. The library tower serves as an observatory which is called “Spekula”. Great interest of its visitors is drawn to the obscurant camera called “The Eger Eye”.Eger

Lajos KossuthStreetis peculiar with its concentration of palaces and mansions built in Rococo and Baroque styles. They are adorned with rich molding, elegant balconies finished with wrought-iron. Despite great number of these buildings, you can’t avoid paying attention to ProvostMinor's and Major’s Palaces, Baroque Franciscan Church and monastery, and naturally the Buttler House (the oldest building in Eger).

Abundance of restaurants, cafes, souvenir and confectioners shops take shelter in Szechenyistreet.


The city of Eger is famous for its healing springs and it is well-known as one of the biggest resorts in Hungary. Waters of thermal springs were used for treatment of various diseases as early as in the Middle Ages. EgerIn the XV-XVI centuries first bathing houses appeared on the territory of this city. People used to bath in wooden barrels and in sweating-rooms. Having come to Hungarian lands, Turkish highly esteemed healing water of unique strength and took part in the development of bathing culture. The city saved a lot of Turkish baths till nowadays. These are both baths with hot water and sweat-rooms. After the Turkish were expulsed from the country, bathing culture started to decline, however, it revived with new strength rather soon. As early as the beginning of the XVII century, a Turkish bath was built here which survived through centuries and is kept till nowadays. Modern center of balneology is located in this building. Temperature of water reaches + 31 ?. Water springs from under stones that cover bottom of the springs. However, there are pools with higher temperatures of water. It is supplied from Andornaktalysprings located close to the city of Eger.

Water of these thermal springs is rich on radon, and it is a well-known fact that radon is used to decrease inflammation processes, it improves general well-being, and also contributes to production of endorphin in the human body. Treatment with water of Eger springs is recommended to people with painful processes connected with back bone, various diseases of locomotor apparatus, joints inflammation.


Village of Egerszalok is situated at the distance of 6km where there is a thermal spring of healing water whose temperature reaches + 68 ?. Water flows down the slope surrounded with evergreen pine-trees. It created white limestone deposits that have a shape of circles. These formations resemble Pamukkale (Turkey). Water in the spring is rich on calcium, sodium, hydrogen carbonates. It also includes metasilicic. Water of this spring is used for treatment of joints, rheumatic diseases and posttraumatic treatment. 

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