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Tours in Pochaiv.
Excursions in Pochaev Lavra

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Tours in Pochaev Lavra 2015


   A small town in the Ternopil region, Pochaiv annually, visited by quite a large number of guests. In first turn it will be interesting to religious people as it is Pochaiv, where a few saint places are situated, important to each Orthodox Christian, in the first place Pochayiv Laurus. But for those who do not pilgrimage, but just want to enjoy this area of Ukraine, there are will be a lot of to see - beautiful architecture, places, saturated with a special spirit, a lot of attractions, both in the Pochayiv and its environs. 

   According to historical data base the city was created in XVth century and the first settlements in this area are dated back to the beginning of the end of the XII-XIII century. A set of historical monuments, buildings and attractions keep the memory of 5 and 6 hundred years old events. If you arrive to this town on an excursion or just stroll through its streets, accompanied by a person who knows its history, you will hear many wonderful stories and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the events that took place in Kievan Rus and during the history of our country.

   The center of Pochayiv and a place which the majority of tourists visits of the city, of course, is Pochaiv Lavra. Here, pilgrims and tourists can see one of the most holy Orthodox Church - the trace of the foot on the stone, which according to the legend left the Virgin, who appeared to one of the monks as a pillar of fire. Also, the pilgrims will certainly attend Pochayiv Skeet (Pochaiv Monastery) located near St. Dukhovskoy. It is in this Skeet were the first miracles happened, that have made famous local places, and this place has become the first home for monks that settled here. Other places are located in Pochayiv and saturated with the spirit of Christianity - the source of St. Anne, the mountain of God and others.

   If you come to Pochaiv, you can visit beautiful attractions located near the city.

   Not far from Pochaiv is another unique city - Kremenets, which is worth seeing, to admire the panorama of the city from the Castle Hill, to wander through the ruins of the castle that has survived many tumultuous historical events, until it was destroyed by the troops of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in the siege of the Poles, and admire the nature of these places. Every stone and every track here breathes history and can tell a lot to attentive and to not indifferent observer.

   It is also very convenient to get from Pochaiv to the nearby castles that adorn the place. Also it’s worth to visit Olessky and Podgoretsky castles. 



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