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Bus tour of the Crimea

DURATION: 6 days / 5 nights

New Bus Tour 2013 "Crimean Around the World" - excursions around the Crimea in 6 days, with accommodation and meals. Also, the price includes the services of a tour guide, entrance fees to museums, transportation during the tour. For 6 days, you can visit the medieval Genoese fortress of Sudak and Feodosia, world-famous art gallery Aivazovsky, visit the extraordinarily beautiful natural corner of Crimea - Baydar valley and explore the places of worship for Stone Age - Skelskie menhirs. Look forward to an interesting tour of the ruins of the ancient city-states of Chersonese, a fascinating journey into the medieval Crimea - visit the residence of the Crimean khans in Bakhchisarai and cave city Chufut-kale. You will get acquainted with the historical monuments of Sevastopol, romantic palaces Southshore. Will not leave anyone indifferent unforgettable excursion to the top-secret factory to repair submarines in Balaklava. The new tour program in 2013 has become even more convenient - now hotel accommodation is in the following cities will not be long journeys for the evening return to the hotel.



Day 1

8:30 - 9:00 meeting at the railway / train station of Simferopol in the fountain.
• Transfer to Bakhchisaray
• Guided tour of "Journey to the medieval Crimea":
1 Khan's Palace - the residence of the Crimean khans: palace mosque, board room and the Court, the harem, the Fountain of Tears, Gold Fountain, the Persian court, Falcon Tower, Khan's baths
2 Archaeological Complex "Salachik": the historic district of Bakhchisarai, housed the first capital of the Crimean Khanate. The property includes the restored Zyndzhirli and madrasah (school) 1500g., Durbe (mausoleum of the founder of the Crimean Khanate) 1501g., The pantheon, the remains of the khan baths.
3 Cave City CHufut - Calais numerous caves carved into the business premises, roads, watchtowers, ruins of the mosque and the mausoleum of the Golden Horde Khan's daughter Tokhtamysh Dzhanyke Khanum built in 1437, Karaite kenasy and one residential estate consisting of two houses. (Optional, adults - 40 UAH, children - 20 UAH)
• Lunch at a cafe with a national Tatar cuisine. Coffee ceremony
• Rock Assumption Monastery in the scenic valley of Mary - Dere (founded by Greek monks in the VIII-IXv. According to legend, it was on these rocks people wonder-working icon of Our Lady)
• Tash-Air - primitive parking. Rock paintings of ancient people. Cave city Kachi-Kalon (briefly)
• Inkerman. Medieval fortress Kalamita, Cave Monastery of St. Clement. (Visual inspection)
• Transfer to Sevastopol
• Accommodation (Sevastopol)
• Dinner

Day 2

• Breakfast
• Guided tour of "Sevastopol - the city honorable, worthy of worship":
1 City tour: City ring, n amyatnik Sunken Ships, The Count's Quay. Vlad imirsky Cathedral - the burial vault of admirals, a memorial to the defenders of Sevastopol, a monument to Alexander KASARSKIY.
2 historic boulevard. Walk along the boulevard
3 Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol" (optional, adults - 50 UAH, children - 20 UAH). Exhibition anchors. Monument to soldiers of the 4th bastion. Advanced parapet of the 4th bastion. Optional: Ferris wheel - a magnificent view of the city
4 Historical and archaeological reserve "Chersonese". The ancient Greek city of Chersonese, defensive walls and towers of the ancient theater, the Mint, the citadel, houses, medieval churches, the Basilica. Vladimir's Cathedral, built on the site of a medieval cruciform church. It was built in honor of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, who was baptized at Chersonesos.
• Beach
• Lunch
• Guided tour to Balaklava Waterfront, Genoese tower, Church of the 12 Apostles, a top-secret underground factory to repair submarines (factory visits on request, adults - 40 UAH, children - 20 UAH)
• Boat trip on the Balaklava Bay. Balaclava safely be called the capital of the cruises. Boat trips - the brightest feature of the resort Balaclava, just as inseparable from her today, as described Kuprin fishermen Listrigony hundred years ago.
• Cape Hersonissos - the legendary 35 pack - a unique fortification complex - the last bastion of defense of Sevastopol in 1942
• Return to the hotel (Sevastopol)
• Dinner.

Day 3

• Breakfast
• Shuttle service to the South Coast of Crimea
• Guided tour of "Meet Southern Coast":
1 Bajdarsky Valley. At the bottom of a mountain valley, surrounded by mountains covered with emerald green, is a real jewel of the mountain area - a picturesque valley Bajdarsky. People from time immemorial settled on this land, also called Crimean Switzerland.
2 Skelskie menhirs (III - II centuries BC) - a cult (astronomical) construction of the Stone Age. Menhir - treated or wild rock set of primitive man, whose vertical dimensions are significantly higher than the horizontal ones. These stones were considered holy. They settled in special areas (on the point of intersection of the force fields). Here everyone can buy power - the power of the Spirit and Power of the Body
3 Skelsky cave - a natural monument Baydarskaya on the slope of the valley, at the foot of Mount Kara-Dag. The cave has considerable size, beauty and well-preserved calcite sinter. (Optional, adults - 60 UAH, children - 30 UAH)
4 Resting in the Forest
5 The old Roman road (trail Kalendskaya) - the famous Roman military road, via militaris, linking Hersonissos and Kharaks.
6 Foros. Foros Church of Christ Resurrection (visit). Foros park. The Kuznetsov, Russia's largest tea merchant and farforozavodchika. Everything in the Kuznetsov says the good taste of the owner, he has invested in this corner of nature his soul work.
7 Mountain Cat - a unique monument of nature, a place of power, the ancient settlement Taurian, here and there are the ruins of fortifications and tombs belonging to the VI-II centuries. BC Archaeologists have discovered several tombs in the form of stone boxes - the largest burial ground in the Crimea, referring to the VI-II centuries. BC (from the observation deck)
8 Mishor. Going up and down the longest in Europe unsupported cable car to Mount Ai-Petri. (Coral reef, one of the most beautiful peaks of the Crimean mountains, offering magnificent views of the Southern coast of Crimea from Ayu-Dag mountain cat before). Upon request, the Ai-Petri, you can visit the karst cave "Three-eyes" (50 UAH), the famous teeth Ai-Petri (fossilized coral reefs) (15 UAH), the protected beech grove cafe with national Tatar cuisine, bazaar, ride a horse or Camel
• Lunch
• Mishor. Beach "The Little Mermaid" fountain "Girl Arzy and the robber Ali Baba" (On the central city beach Mishora can admire sculptures by architect Adamson. These sculptures are linked to the famous Crimean legend. Bronze "Mermaid" rises out of the sea with a child in her arms, and on the Mishora waterfront fountain is "Girl Arzy and the robber Ali Baba.")
• Beach
• Swallow's Nest (from the observation deck).
• Yalta - a walk along the quay, Seaside Park, singing fountains, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the theater, the Avenue of Stars, Eseninskiy sycamore, villa "Sofia".
• Accommodation (Yalta)
• Dinner

Day 4

• Breakfast.
• Excursion "Palaces and Parks of the South Coast":
1 Vorontsov Palace - the most romantic palace of the South Coast, its state rooms, the only living example of the Russian Interior manor of the early 19th century (visual inspection, a visit to the palace at will, adults - 70 UAH, children - 35grn)
2 Tour of the palace park: the majestic stone chaos, shady grottoes, ponds and lakes, amazing plants, fountains
3 Livadia Palace - the former summer residence of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Built in the style of the Italian Renaissance, supplemented motives Byzantine, Arabic, Gothic architecture. Italian courtyard - the most beautiful corner of the palace. (Visual inspection, a visit to the palace at will, adults - 70 UAH, children - 35grn)
4 House church of the Romanov family
5 Lunch
6 Massandra Palace - a masterpiece of romantic architecture early. The twentieth century. Surrounded by a beautiful park, passing in the forest. (Visual inspection, a visit to the palace at will, adults - 70 UAH, children - 35grn)
• Gursuf - a walk through the city. Optional: boat trip to g.Ayu-Dag (with sea view): "Artek", the estate Suuk-Su, rocks Adalary, Pushkin grotto, Chekhov bay.
• Great Park - modern Ayvazovskoe, which presents the best gardens of the world: Greek, Japanese, Mexican, Romantic, Modern.
• Beach
• Unique Temple-s.Malorechenskoe Lighthouse, built in honor of all those who died on the waters and consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas.
• Valley of the Ghosts - natural sculptures on the west slope of Mount Demerji affecting its size and contours. Filming location of many movies. (Briefly)
• Transfer to the Eastern Crimea
• Accommodation (Eastern Crimea)
• Dinner

Day 5

• Breakfast
• Excursion "Cimmeria - music special frets":
1 Tour of Sudak, a visit to Te nuezskoy fortress - a powerful fortifications. Located on an ancient coral reef, which is a conical hill.
2 New World: A walk on gorodou. Optional: trail Golitsyn, Chaliapin famous grotto, carved into the rock
3 Theodosius: Armenian and Greek temples, a Turkish Mosque, Genoese fortress, the tomb of Ivan Aivazovsky, a fountain of Aivazovsky, Ivan Aivazovsky crypt
4 Dinner
5 Aivazovsky Art Gallery (visit optional, adults - 45grn, children - 20 UAH). This is a unique, world-renowned Museum of seascape painting. It is only by maintaining in its entirety collection of paintings devoted to the sea theme (about 12,000 pieces)
6 Tour of Koktebel. Optional - sea walk (80uah) along an extinct volcano Karadag with a dip in the sea at the Golden Gate. Serdolikovaya bay, Plunder, Border, castles with spiers, cliffs Lion, Elephant, The Lighthouse
7 Tour of the historic wine cellars of the factory "Arhaderese" tasting of the famous "Black Doctor" and other wines.
8 Relaxing on the beach
9 Voloshin House-Museum (visit optional, adults - 30 UAH, children - 15 UAH)
• Return to the hotel (Eastern Crimea)
• Dinner

Day 6

• Breakfast
1 Excursion "Holy springs and monasteries of the Eastern Crimea":
Plateau Uzun Sirt. The place where I took all-union competition gliders that have become traditional in the future (briefly)
2 Women Toplovsky Monastery of St. Paraskevi. The healing power of St. Paraskeva, of St. George, the Three Saints - whose waters cure diseases of the eye and head, as well as the musculoskeletal system. Cave of St.. Paraskeva. Collegiate font.
• Lunch
• Armenian monastery of the Holy Cross, "Holy Cross" - a place where flowing mysterious sources. The founder of the monastery Hovhannes Sebastatsi saw a sign in this place - a fiery cross and decided to build a holy abode. One source of water which flows through ceramic pipes laid in the XIV century, called the fountain of youth. Water maintains the health, beauty and prolongs life.
• White Rock or Ak-Kaya - the one and only rock in Crimea and beyond. "Participant" of many famous Soviet feature films: "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines," "The Headless Horseman," "Mirage," "Captain at Fifteen", "business people", "Lobo", "General Lukacs," "Mustang-pacer" and even "Chipollino." Wolf's Grotto. "Suvorov Oak" (briefly)
• Simferopol. Peter and Paul Cathedral (the relics of St.. Guria), Holy Trinity Monastery (the relics of St. Luke)
17:30 Transfer to the railway / train station Simferopol

!At request not to visit tourist site entrance fees will be refunded!

Children of 5 years (due to the richness of the program and the increased load for the kids).
A meeting of the tour at the train / train station in Simferopol to 8:30 am to 9:00 am near the fountain
• Ends tour / Railway station in Simferopol at 18:00
• The order of visits to tour facilities may vary depending on the location, weather conditions.


Included in the price
Accommodation in rooms with private facilities;
Nutrition Program;
Excursion program;
• Entrance fees to museums;
• Guide service;
Transportation services along the route;
Recreational fee;

Notes!!! The tour program and a specified time are approximate, subject to changes and / or additions to the program, depending on the arrival time, organization of tourists on the route and so on.
Exceptional circumstances are those that make it difficult to drive a tour bus or walk to the above-mentioned groups of objects (closing passages in connection with concerts, meetings, etc., repair of buildings, facilities, etc.).