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ROUT: Kiev Shatsk - Belorus - Vladymyr Volynskiy - Zimno - Lutsk - Kiev

Date of tours:
From 1890 uah / per adult.
From 1700 uah/ per child 6-12.
From 1450 uah /
per child 2 - 6.


hotel near the Svitas lake

 «The eyes are not a mirror of the soul. They are the door to it»

These lines of the unknown poet cross the mind when you see the lake Svityaz. Only having visited Shatsky ozera (means "Lakes of Shatsk) it is possible to find a door to the fine soul of the beautiful country Ukraine.
Svityaz is considered as the main and bright brilliant in a diadem of Shatsky lakes. Often it call the Ukrainian Baykal, but hardly it is correct. Svityaz is imposing anddifferent from other lakes. Water of Svityaz is clean and transparent, the sizes of lake impress but in difference from Baykal it is very friendly and peaceable.
Shatsky lakes are a "water" reserve, with more than 30 lakes different by their sizes, fauna, flora and even temper.

During the FIRST day of our travel we suggest to visit finest of them:
• The lake Pesochnoje which will amaze you with the warm and tender waters;
• The lake Lyutsimer looking like the sea will frighten you by the sizes of its waves;
• The Black Big lake, which name speaks for itself, will surprise with rather dark water. If you will compare it with transparent and pure waters of Pesochnoje and Svityaz, you will understand that there is a reason to call it Black;
• Except of well-known for tourists lakes, we suggest to visit absolutely "wild" and "unexplored". Here the nature lives by own rules, without thinking about the person.

It is impossible to remember the volume of numbers and the facts which our professional guide will bombard you during excursion on lakes. We will try not to overload you with excess kilobytes of information. The style of our trip is possible to call informatively- excursion or even  relaxational&meditative.

During the SECOND day of our travel we will visit our neighbours. We recommend to begin morning with water procedures. The Sunrise on Svityaz is very beautiful, water is bracing so after you will take morning dips and a hearty breakfast you will be ready to travel to the Fairy tale.

Who told, that Grandfather Frost exists in the winter only? Having visited Father Frost`s  residence situated in one of the most picturesque corners of the neighbour Belarus, You will make sure personally that he exists the whole year round. Here you will see different miracles on each meter square, you will have opportunity to sit in Father Frost's sledge, to glance in Snegurka's tower (in summer usually she has a rest in the northern countries), to make friends with dwarfs, to make hundreds wishes, and of course to see Father Frost in summer look. Did you see sometime Father Frost's summer dress? We are not sure, because very few of people had the chance to see him in the summer.

After a dinner in traditional picturesque restaurant you will visit one of the best of a natural history museum in Europe.  We won't tell everything that you will be able to see there, but we assure, it will be interesting for you.

The final stage of the second excursion day will be walk on the reserve. There are wolves, foxes, bears, and certainly wisents. Do you know that wisent is the symbol of Belovezhskaya dense? You will see it in the reserve. Don't forget to take gifts for animals; inhabitants of the reserve will be grateful to you for an apple and for carrot.

On return to recreation centre we recommend to arrange mass evening bathing in warm waters of Svityaz for take off fatigue from journey.

During the THIRD day of our travel we will move from nature to history

Informative style of our trip assumes visit some  historical places. During this day we will visit:

  • Vladimir-Volynsk – one of the oldest cities of the country! The city which came to us from "The story of temporary years".
  • The Nunnery of Zimno where the nature enchants with the beauty,  temples and territory of nunnery are well-groomed. The nuns are very affable and you feel atmosphere of goodwill.  There is an impression that the invisible dome from positive energy covered these places. As confirmation you can see many nests of storks, and as you know, the storks won't build the nest everywhere.The place for this monastery was chosen by Grand Duke Vladimir. There is Vladimir`s statue in the centre of nunnery. In the Nunnery of Zimno you will see an Icon of the Mother of God which is considered "family", it keeps the peace and a harmony in families, and helps to women conceive, can cure diseases of eyes and even to cure of oncological diseases. The light aura, boundless hospitality of nuns don't let go … but one more jewel of the Volynsk area is waiting for us. We will visit Lutsk and Castle.


The Castle of Lutsk was included into the list of hand-made miracles of Ukraine.  But any rating can convey impression which makes this majestic construction.

It is one of the castles of Ukraine which is perfectly conserved. At the time of the Soviet Ukraine, the Castle as though didn't exist. Historians and researchers ignored it, without having described it in "the history of Volynsk area". May be thanks to such neglect Castle still exists? Do you know that in 1429 the Castle accepted at the same time monarchs of 15 European States! The Davos forum can envy such level. During Castle`s tour we will visit a weapon museum, a museum of bells and a book printing museum. Depending on a situation the aphorism of sage Solomon that "everything passes" can be interpreted with pleasure or with regret.

Unfortunately, our trip approaches to the end. But fortunately, on Shatsky lakes there are many unexplored places, in Castle of Lutsk there are unsolved secrets, and there is a hundred wishes for Father Frost, so we have many occasions to return to these places!

Notes! Tour program and the specified time is approximate, subject to change and / or supplement program, depending on the time of arrival of the group, organization, etc. tourists en route.
Is exceptional circumstances that make it difficult to travel or tour bus passage of the above mentioned objects (closing passages in connection with concerts, rallies, etc., repair of buildings, facilities, etc.).

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