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Spring tour by West Ukraine
"Lviv and Transcarpathia"
(4 days and 3 nights)


Spring awakening of nature, Carpathian landscapes, castles, ancient cities, hot springs, the best wine, the streets of the ancient city await you in this journey

Tour Dates: April 30 - May 4 2013.
(complete 4 travel days!)
Cost of the tour:
1490 UAH / adults
1000 UAH / child (6-12 years)
800 UAH / child (2-6 years)

"Lviv and Transcarpathia"

4-day Spring Mix for your good mood
on 30 April - 04 May 2013.

 Lviv - Chinadievo - Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhgorod - Koson - Bothari - Synevir - Shipot - Pylypets - Lviv

Day 1 (30.04):

Departure from Kiev by train.

Day 2 (01.05):
Breakfast in colorful restaurants of the city.
Departure from the city.
Program: Health Carpathians Schönborn Palace, landscaped park and the rejuvenating power. Moving in with. Chinadievo. Tour of the castle of Saint Miklos - Castle of Love! Moving in Mukachevo. Tour of the Castle Palanok. City tour of Mukachevo. Free time in Mukachevo. Moving to a settlement in Berehovo district. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3 (02.05):
08:00 - Breakfast.
Excursion program route: Moving in Uzhgorod. Overview museum tavern "in deci notary." Tour Castle "Ungvar." Museum architecture. Sightseeing tour of the city of Uzhgorod. Medieval atmosphere, coffee and wine. Optional dyhustatsiya wines in the wine room "Chardonnay". Free time in the city.
Moving to a new (opened in 2012) thermal complex Kosino. 1600 meters square. thermal pools, sauna, restaurant, throne room, aqua bar and a children's club. Enjoy and relax.
Return to your accommodation, delicious dinner and a sweet dream.

Day 4 (03.05):
08:00 - Breakfast.
Sightseeing: City Tour Beregovo. Moving in with. Bothari. Tasting lekvara on unique Hungarian IVF farm. Natural eco products: syrups, jams, Hungarian salami and other goodies! By Easter basket!
Moving to Lake Synevir. Walk to the outstanding and beautiful lake of Ukraine.
Lunch in the picturesque hunting kolyba. Moving in with. Pylypets (inspection Shipot waterfall and climb to chairlift to the mountain GBIF).
Moving in Lviv. Dinner. Accommodation and overnight accommodation in Lviv.

Day 5 (04.05):
08:00 - Breakfast.
Program: A bus tour of the LVIV city: parks of Lviv, Castle Hill, St. Jura Lychakiv Museum. Lunch at a restaurant in Lviv.
Walking tour of the center of the city. Size of the market. All historical and thematic raisins Lviv, picturesque location store: House of Legends kopalnya coffee Kryivka, Chocolate Factory, and more. Overview of Lviv with a bird's eye. Pharmacy Museum and more! Free time in Lviv for a pleasant evening.
Self check-out home!.

- The castle Schonborn (total - 8 USD., Students - 4 USD.)
- Castle "St. Miklos" (voluntary donation);
- Mukachevo castle "Palanok" (general and student - 10 UAH., Students - 5 USD.)
- Wine tasting in the wine room Chardonnay (45 UAH. / Person);
- Wine lekvaru (25 UAH. / Person)
- Thermal pool (total - 50 UAH. / 2 hours., Children under 120 cm - 25 UAH. / 2 hours.)
- Uzhgorod Castle (total - 15 UAH., Student - 10 UAH., Children - 5 USD.)
- National Park "Synevyr" (total - 10 UAH., Students and pupils - UAH 4.)
- Whisper Falls (total - 3 USD., Students - b / c);
- The rise of the chair-cableway on Mount Hymba (total - 30 UAH. Both sides, children under 10 years - 15 UAH. Both ways).
- Museum of Pharmacy (10 USD / person, baby UAH 5)

1-st and 2-nd night: stay in comfortable Private Hungarian homes in Beregovo region.
3rd and 4 and night:stay in a hotel "Svitlytsya" or "Pearl Lviv" (recreation area near the Lviv city (all rooms: 2 and 3-bed with all fasilities in the rooms).

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