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 Visiting churches and cathedrals of Lviv will be a wonderful addition to having rest and will surely create ancient city atmosphere.  They are both the spiritual life center of the city and a part of cultural life. Majority of churches and cathedrals are located in the city center, along with numerous museums and monuments, among small, narrow streets of ancient Lviv, which creates a complete architectural ensemble of the city.Churches and monasteries in Lviv

It is a well-known fact that Lviv is a huge religious center of Ukraine. Representatives of various churches meet here. Church Lviv is a reflection of complicated confessional structure. Religious communities of Lviv can be divided the following way: 35% belong to Ukrainian Byzantine-rite Catholic Church, 11.5 % to Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, 9% to Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate, 6% to Roman Catholic Church.

Churches and Cathedrals of Lviv are peculiar monuments of the city architecture. They represent various architectural styles, as far as they were built in different times, and each of them has its eventful story.

We are glad to invite you for a tour to the religious capital of Ukraine, hosting three main centers of religious people in our country: Orthodox, Armenian, and Roman Catholic, which are:Churches and monasteries in Lviv

1)The Virgin Mary Assumption Church – is an Orthodox sacred place, constructed in XVI-XVII cc. which used to be the main center of Belarussian and Ukrainian Orthodox communities. This is the church where Petro Mogyla was consecrates a metropolitan of Kyiv. Here you will see Three Sanctifiers chapel of Renaissance epoch, amazing stained-glass windows by Petro Kholodnyy having the title „Assumption Church Foundators“, „Galych Rus“ and „Kiev Rus“, as well as defending bell-tower having the hight of 66 meters, that used to be a library and a prison.

Churches and monasteries in Lviv2) Armenian Cathedral  Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the main Armenian church in Ukraine, which is an architectural monument of national importance and belongs to UNESCO World Heritage. Built in the second half of XVII c. by an architect Doring, this cathedral combines various architectural styles including Old Russian, traditional Armenian and Roman and Ghotic. Inside the church you will see amazing mystical fresco paintings by Jan de Rosen,Churches and monasteries in Lviv you will walk across the bell-tower and have a chance to visit icons gallery in Armyanskaya street. In the Eastern part of the church inner yard you will see a decorative column and figure of St. Christopher, who is the protector of travellers.

3) Saint Yura Cathedral is located on the square bering the same name, at the address of 5, St.Yura square. This is one of the main city landmarks, unique architectural monument in Baroque style, and the most important sacred place of Ukrainian Roman Catholic Church, that was constructed in the middle of XVIIc. The cathedral is built on a hill, at the height of 321 m above sea level. Due to its astonishing beauty and majesty of domes, this Saint Yura Cathedral is a dominant in Lviv panorama. Miracle-working icon of the Blessed Virgin (XVIIc.) is main relics of this churchChurches and monasteries in Lviv.

Guests of the city will be also interested in below listed churches:
St.George Cathedral;
Bernardine Monastery Fortress (the church having beautiful fresco paintings, statue of  Child Guardian-Angel, built in 1630);
Convent of Benedictine;
Jesuit Church, built in 1630 (the first church constructed in Baroque style);
Dominican Monastery (built in XVIIc.);
- Main Polish Roman Catholic church of Ukraine –Churchof St.Mary - the only church in Ukraine built in Gothic style in XVc.

Churches and monasteries in LvivYou can also see in Lviv:
Monument-figure of the Holy Mother of God, installed in the main street of Lviv;
Religion History Museum, where various religions are united: Orthodoxy, Uniates Religion, Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism.
Open-air Museum of Wood Architecture, where ancient Carpathian churches of Boykos and Lemkos are represented.
Museum of Lviv Sacral Baroque Sculpture representing works of “Ukrainian Michelangelo” Johann Pinzel.      

Author Marina Melnichenko

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