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In Kherson, at the Street Perekopskaya, 3, is small, but very elegant and beautiful Church - the Church of Holy Great Martyr Tsarina Alexandra. It is situated between the Sea College and one of the buildings of Kherson state University. Today, the Church of the Holy Martyr Alexandra belongs to the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kievan Patriarchate. Rector of this Church at the end of 2000-ies became the father Andrey Kalita, whose joining all the services here have been started only in the Ukrainian language.Church of St. Alexandra in Kherson

The construction of the Church of the Holy Martyr Alexandra began in 1898, and to be more precise on the 31st of May of the same year. At that time it was a House Church in the Second Mariinsky girls ' school. The construction of the temple was carried out through private donations and lasted for four years. Grand opening and dedication of the Temple of the Holy Martyr Alexandra was held on August 25, 1902.

The Church of the Holy Martyr Alexandra built in the so-called pseudo-russian style. The architecture of the Church pronounced influence of the Moscow architecture of the XVII century with the addition of the elements of the Romanesque style. It is decorated with mirrored dome finest that always distinguish it among all the surrounding architectural structures. Develop the architectural design of the temple of the Holy Martyr Alexandra worked K. I. Kvitka. Once passed the first solemn Liturgy after the inception of the temple in 1898, which was held by the Bishop of Novomyrgorod Memnon, outdoor stone was laid table with the inscription "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit...".Church of St. Alexandra in Kherson

The inner part of the Temple of the Holy Martyr Alexandra issued in the form of small, intimate space, the main decoration of which is a beautiful marble iconostasis - the magnificent work of the Odessa sculptor B. Eduards. To this day preserved stucco decorations and stained-glass Windows of the temple. Almost all the icons of the Temple of the Holy Martyr Alexandra were written Kherson drawing teacher K. Ovcharenko and artist of the National Academy of arts, Litvin.

Since 1921, the House Church in the Second Mariinsky girls ' school was transferred to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.But after a few years of information about the Church begin to be lost. At the end of 20th - beginning of 30-ies of XX century, in the period of violent religious persecution, the Church of the Martyr Alexandra suffered a sad period of its existence. In this period was broken main decoration of the Temple is mirrored dome. Soon the building was transferred to the ownership of the Kherson pedagogical Institute. Within the walls of the Church for over 60 years, the Institute was located workshops engineering faculty.Church of St. Alexandra in Kherson

After Ukraine became an independent country in Kherson, as well as throughout the country, began to revive the temples. At the request of local residents 20 April 1992 the Church of the Martyr Alexandra was returned to the believers and Christians.On this day, a solemn divine service in honor of handing over the building of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, after all the events that occurred with the Temple, from the former interior decoration is almost nothing. Only two marble Kyoto, which are located on the sides from the white of the iconostasis: right - Saint Alexander, and the left - Vladimir the Great. Today, one of the major religious shrines of the Temple of the Holy Martyr Alexandra has a unique ancient icon of the Mother of God of the XIV century, which is a gift from the Ukrainian Diaspora. In the Church of the Holy Martyr Alexandra all services are conducted in the Ukrainian language. Among other parishes Kherson community Church of the Holy Martyr Alexandra stands very close-knit lives of its parishioners and the careful tutelage of the rector of the Church over its members. The building of the Church of the Holy Martyr Alexandra is an important landmark of Kherson.

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