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excursion in Kyiv, Sights of Kiev, Kyiv City tour

excursion in Kyiv, Sights of Kiev, Kyiv City tourTrukhaniv island is located on the Dnieper River, between the mainstream and the west side of the Straits Chortoryisk and Dolobsky on the east. The northern part of the island is bordered by terrain called Chortoryi, and on the south side of the bridge stretches Metro. On the right bank of the island are combined Amenity bridge that leads to the park road, which joins the St. Andrew's Descent, and waterfront highway. Nearby spread their water Matveevskoe Bay, also known as Old Man - in honor of former Dnieper rivers, which in the late nineteenth century causeway blocked. Opposite the island is the central part of Kyiv. The island covers an area of 450 hectares.

The name of the island gave Tuhorhan, Polovtsian Khan, whose daughter was the wife of Prince Svjatopolk in the eleventh century and built her residence on the island. In Kievan Rus was located village Olzhyshi on an island, which belonged to Grand Duchess Olga. Later, the island became a possession of the deserted St. Nicholas Monastery, but later it returned to Kyiv.

In the nineteenth century. on the island took associations that were involved in the shipping company on the Dnieper. Near shops have gone up and the first settlement. Later, the village built the church of St.. Elizabeth, and two-year college, which was erected at the expense D.Margolin. In the early twentieth century in the village lived nearly six thousand people were about twenty streets and a square.

excursion in Kyiv, TRUKHANIV ISLAND, Kyiv City tourWorld War II affected the tragic fate of the settlement. During the retreat of the German occupation in October 1943 it was burned. Survived only part of the base of the oil tank, which had stood next to the Zaporozhye area. It was built in the early twentieth century. and after the war was used as a basis for a summer restaurant. Even today, in the midst of you may be exposed to pieces foundation schools and churches.

After the war, the village decided not to renew and equip its place seating area. The island has a huge number of great beaches, water stations, sports facilities, restaurants, holiday houses, Dnieper hydro. In 1989, a monument to the fallen inhabitants of the village: the figure of the soldier near the destroyed boats and boards with the names of the dead islanders.

In 1990 was created a fraternity "Trukhaniv Island", which is to unite all those who before the war lived in this village. Society was officially registered in 1995. To date, it has been a number of events in memory of the victims.

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excursion in Kyiv, Sights of Kiev, Kyiv City tour

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