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Two-day trip to Vinnytsa "The mysterious stories of great men"

Tour type:
ukrainian tour
Region or city:
Time of travel:
from 22-4-2017 t 23-4-2017
22.04-23.04; 01.05-02.05; 13.05-14.05; 27.05-28.05; 10.06-11.06; 24.06-25.06; 08.07-09.07; 22.07-23.07; 05.08-06.08; 19.08-20.08; 02.09-03.09; 16.09-17.09; 30.09-01.10; 14.10-15.10; 28.10-29.10; 11.11-12.11; 25.11-26.11; 09.12-10.12 2017; 23.12-24.12 2017;
in two weeks
Cost (per person):
1390 UAH
Excursion to Vinnitsa
Vinnytsia fountain show
Tour to Vinnitsa

Brief description of tour:

Pearl skirts, jewelry Podolsk province, scenic, city park. And it's all about the city of Vinnitsa, which stretches along the steep banks of the Southern Bug. The earliest written mention of the town belongs to the second half of the XIV century.

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):


Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

07.30-8.00 Group meeting in Vinnitsa and departure from the station "South" in Kiev

   Day 1 (program description):

12:30 - Arrival to the winery. Lunch
13.30 The first sightseeing destination - Museum-Estate outstanding scientist NI Pirogov. The museum was created in 1947. on the estate Pirogov village. Cherry around the winery in tribute to the brilliant surgeon, scientist of world renown. The structure of the museum complex includes the former family house Pirogov, pharmacy, church-necropolis Memorial Park.
16.00-17.00 Walk on the boat along with ornate bed PA Bug.
17: 00-19: 00 Sightseeing tour of the winery - a picturesque city of Podolsk.
The main objects: a set of "walls" that includes several Catholic monasteries beginning. XVII - XVIII century .; Church of St. Mary of the Angels; Nicholas Church 1746r .; park them. Gorky; architectural character and calling card of the city - Water tower; Cathedral Square with well-preserved architectural ensemble of the old winery.
18.30. Free time in the evening city. Dinner alone.
21:45 As the evening you must glance at Roshen Quay, where in 2011 he opened the largest light and music fountain in Europe, up to 60 and a width of 140 meters. Look forward to an evening show with fountains synchronized to music, projectors, lasers!
After the show transfer to hotel for accommodation. Rest.

   Day 2 (program description):

8.30 Breakfast at the hotel. Exemption numbers.
9.30 Departure for excursion program: town Braylov:
- Women's Holy Trinity Monastery Brayilovskyy;
- Museum of world-famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky.
Brailiv - historic village. One of the oldest on the tail. On this tour you will learn about the plight of Holy Trinity Monastery Brailovsky; will witness a compelling story of friendship of the great composer Tchaikovsky and his wife railway magnate Karl von Meck - Nadezhda von Meck.
You will see the palace - park complex on the bank. Reeve, built in 1868 Karl von Meck, who bought the estate in Brailovskom F. Yukovskoho. A two-storey palace in classical style is set amidst beautiful park with ponds and bridges, which engaged in furnishing owner's wife - Nadia von Meck. Tchaikovsky visited three times in the name von Meck in the absence of the hostess. Here he wrote the opera "The Maid of Orleans" and a few songs. The palace was rebuilt after the Second World War. Now the building houses Brailovsky vocational school. The left wing of the museum works by Tchaikovsky and N. von Meck. Visitors are introduced to the history of their relations and work of the composer. All exhibits (furniture, musical instruments and accessories for writing) were transferred to use museum descendants von Meck.
14.00 Lunch in the city. Vinnitsa.
15.30 Departure to Kyiv
19.30 Approximate arrival to Kyiv.

Conditions residence:

Accommodation in a hotel room amenities
Two-day trip to Vinnitsa
 Brailovsky monastery.
Fountains in Vinnitsa
Included in cost:
Food for program
Transfer on the route tour
Inbox tickets
Guide service
Extra charge:
Personal expenses