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Tour Volyn "Volyn treasures "

Tour type:
ukrainian tour
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Time of travel:
from 10-6-2017 t 11-6-2017
24-25.06.2017; 08-09.07.2017; 22-23.07.2017; 05-06.08.2017; 19-20.08.2017; 02-03.09.2017; 16-17.09.2017; 30.09-01.10.2017; 14-15.10.2017; 28-29.10.2017
in two weeks
Cost (per person):
1750 UAH
1575 UAH% Discount on children to 12 years
Tour Volyn
castles of Volyn
Weekend  in Volyn

Brief description of tour:

Volyn - old, with an interesting, though far neprostoya, the Earth's history, which stretches in the basin of the picturesque southern tributaries of the upper reaches of the Pripyat and Western Bug.
Dubinsky Castle - one of the most interesting castles in Volyn. The famous treasures that are kept in the XVI- XVII centuries., Legends, underground passages. At the castle accommodated just two palaces: Palace Ostrog princes and princes Lubomirski. An forge, which involved the reconstruction , there is room for archery.
Lutsk castle - one of the oldest monuments of the city of Lutsk. Upper Stone Castle - a striking example of fortification architecture of XIV century. It was founded last prince of Galicia- Volyn principality Lubart in 134O -1384 's, with later completion and restoration came to our time. According to local legend, Lutsk castle was (was completed on the site of the fortress ) as a result of marriage, known in those days, the Lithuanian prince on a local princess. Name Prince - Vitov Lubart, as is the castle called the castle of Westminster. Currently located in the castle museum books, bells Museum, an art museum .

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Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

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Kiev - Ostrog - Peresopnitsu - Klevan - Lutsk - Dubno -Tarakanv - Kiev
Tour castles Volyn
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