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Wine tour in West Ukraine

Tour type:
ukrainian tour
For group
Region or city:
Railway + Bus
Time of travel:
from 3-2-2017 t 5-2-2017
17-19.02; 03-05.03; 17-19.03; 31.03-02.04; 15-17.04; 29,30.04-01.05; 12-14.05; 26-28.05; 09-11.06; 23-25.06; 07-09.07; 21-23.07; 04-06.08; 18-20.08; 01-03.09; 15-17.09; 29,30.09-01.10; 14-16.10; 27-29.10; 10-12.11; 24-26.11; 08-10.12; 22-24.12
every month
Cost (per person):
10% Discount on children to 12 years
Shonborns Castle
Lake Synevyr
Cheese-Wine tour at Transcarpathia

Brief description of tour:

May holidays special offer early booking:
- when booking with 16.03.16 on 15.04.16 - 1690 UAH/adult
- when booking with 16.04.16 - 1850 UAH/adult
10% discount - children from 6 to 12 years
50% discount - children under 6 years accompanied by two adults
Mountains, castles, wine, cheeses, all the best that can offer a welcoming Transcarpathia is waiting for you! Tour in Ukraine, which will be one of the most beautiful event in your life!
You have the opportunity:
* learn the history, customs, culture and religion of the five ethnic groups in Transcarpathia: Boiky, Lemko, Hungarians, Roma, Ruthenians;
* best dishes Boiky, Hungarian, Czech cuisine;
* outstanding historical monuments Territory: Castle Schenborn, Mukachevo Castle, the historic center Beregovo, an overview Vynohradiv and Hust castles, beautiful wooden temples;
* the beauty of the Carpathian mountains, lakes Synevyr, Waterfalls Shypot, opportunity to be photographed in a beautiful location of the Carpathians, bathing in the thermal pool of the city Beregovo;
* tasting delicious cheese Seliska dairies produced by Swiss technology, and tasting of brinzy, vurdu, budzu from the Carpathian Valleys;
* tasting the best wines in Transcarpathia, from ancient wine cellars and wine tasting from private owners Beregovsky area.

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

Tasting tour around hospitable West Ukraine - Mukachevo - Beregovo - Chetfalva - Berehove district - Nizne Selishche - waterfalls Shypot - Lviv

Itinerary of tour


Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

Start of tour from Lviv (08:00)

   Day 1 (program description):

- Departure from Lviv (08:00)
- Chynadiyevo. Castle Schenborn (tour)
- Mukachevo (excursion, time for lunch)
- Beregovo (bathing in a thermal pool, wine tasting, excursion)
- Chetfalva - hungarian village in Transcarpathia, which is a unique church XV century.
- Overnight in Beregovo district of the (Hungarian mini-hotels, the settlement at 21:00)

   Day 2 (program description):

- Breakfast and departure (08:00)
- Nizne Selishche (tasting cheese)
- Lake Sinevir arose about 10,000 years ago, the height of 989 meters and has a maximum depth of 22 meters (tour, tasting cheese, and time for lunch)
- Falls Shypot. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine, which falls cascade from a height of 15 meters
- Lviv (return 22:00)

Conditions residence:

Accommodation is in comfortable Hungarian green estates (Berehove area), number: 2-beds and 3-beds with private facilities.
Dinner consists of dishes of Hungarian cuisine and wines, breakfast - an ordinary European.
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Ukrainian Castles
Cheese-Wine tour at Transcarpathia
Included in cost:
Food for program
Transfer on the route tour
Guide service
Extra charge:
Personal expenses
Rail travel