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Excursion in Baturin

Tour type:
one-day excursion
Region or city:
Chernigiv region
Time of travel:
from 8-9-2016 t 8-9-2016
22.10.2016, 06.11.2016, 19.11.2016
in two weeks
Cost (per person):
395 UAH
Tour to Baturin
Excursion to Baturyn from Kiev
A trip to the historical and cultural reserve Hetmans Capital

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

Kiev - Baturin - Kiev

Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

Departure - 7:30. Metro Chernihiv.

   Day 1 (program description):

- City Baturin - once magnificent Cossack capital with many castles, now a small town, has the heroic and tragic pages of history. Founded in 1576, the city was declared capital of three Hetman: Demjan Mnogogreshniy, Ivan Samoylovich and majestic Ivan Mazepa. After the decision of Ivan Mazepa about war oppose the Russian Empire and the defeat in the Battle of Poltava - the city suffered a crash. Mighty fortress Baturin turned into ruins. Under the leadership of Menshikov, russian troops massacred nearly 20,000 local people and leveled the hetman capital with the land.
- Getman Kirill Razumovsky returned the title of the capital to Baturin and revived it a new life. There, already in the status of former hetman, he spent the last years of his life. Thanks Rasumovski in Baturino began construction of a grand palace, which now you can see with my own eyes. During the tour you will have the opportunity to visit many other historical sites Baturin: Hetman I. Mazepa's house and the house of general judge V. Kochubey, Resurrection Church, which became the burial place of AK Razumovsky, revived the citadel.
Razumovsky Palace
Sightseeing Baturyn
Nativity of the Virgin Kozelets
Included in cost:
Inbox tickets
Transportation support
Guide service
Extra charge:
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