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Hutsul fun!

Tour type:
ukrainian tour
For group
Region or city:
The west regions of Ukraine
Railway + Bus
Number of days:
2 days, 1 nights.
every month
Cost (per person):
720 grn
5% Discount on children to 12 years
Weekend Hutsul fun Gutsulka
Weekend Hutsul fun
Weekend Hutsul fun Hutsuls

Brief description of tour:

You expect a lot of discoveries:
- Customs, culture and history of a unique ethnic group of the world - hutsuls;
- Specificity of the best meals of gutsulsky kitchen;
- Outstanding natural and national historic attractions surprising edge Hutsul: rivers, waterfalls, scenic mountain landscapes, temples, museums, traditional celebration of the day of St. Nicholas;
- Fair with the participation of craftsmen Huzulschina (woodwork with carved, colorful musical instruments, product masters of weaving, basketry, a variety of colorful embroidery, famous Easter eggs, toys from cheese).
Everyone on this tour can find the fun that wanted, and in addition we offer to take part in this "Hutsul fun" with dancing and singing, music and tasting hutsul dishes.

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

Lviv - Manjava - Yaremche - Tatarov - Verkhovyna - Kryvorivnya - Kolomiya - Lviv

Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

7:45 - meeting in the city Lviv (hotel "Lviv"). Check-out - 08:00

   Day 1 (program description):

Departure from the city (08:00).
Rohatyn - Review of the church.
Yaremche - Review waterfall Huzulschyna restaurant, souvenir shopping and lunch (own).
Bukovel - lift chair lift to the top of the mountain Bukovel and review Carpathian panorama.
Polyanytsya - Accommodation at the hotel at 19:30, Hutsul fun.
Rohatyn. Homeland Nasty Lisovska known as Roxolana, wife of Suleiman the Magnificent II. This - the charming Galician town with beautiful monuments of sacred art. Wooden Church of the Holy Spirit (1598r.) Is one of the supreme examples of Galician folk wooden architecture, is the most precious sacred buildings in the world and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Now it is museum exposition, which is a gem of unique beauty and unique in Galicia in a style five-tier iconostasis Renaissance (1650r.).
Also attracted the attention of the church of St. Nicholas (XV c.), Built in Gothic-Renaissance style and Gothic-Baroque Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (XIV c.).
Kalush. The famous health resort, located between picturesque mountains in the beautiful valley of the river Prut. Every year thousands of people fascinating waterfall "Break" (Yaremchanskiy Hook) and wooden restaurant "Huzulschyna."
Bukovel. Number 1 ski resort in Ukraine, where you can make a lift chair lift to the top of the mountain Bukovel (1115m) which offers a magnificent panorama of Gorgan and Montenegrin spine.

   Day 2 (program description):

Breakfast and departure (08:00)
Verkhovina - tour concert in the Museum. Roman Kumlyk, tour and photography in Hutsul clothes at the Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" and review the museum-house staya. Lunch at Yasinia (alone).
Coloma - tour museums Hutsul and Easter eggs.
Lviv - back to 23:00.
Werchowyna. Ethnogeographical center Huzulschyna former Zhab'ye that lies on the banks of the famous River Black Cheremosh except scenic panoramas Carpathian has many other attractions for discerning travelers. Here you warmly invited to a concert tour in the private museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments to them. Roman Kumlyk. Get great Hutsul love John and Jane and photographed in Hutsul clothes can be in the house-museum of the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". Experience the taste Hutsul cheese can in a museum Polonyny life "Home-staya."
Coloma. City kolomyyok, one of the most beautiful cities of Galicia, with excellent Secession buildings downtown. Be sure to visit the business card Coloma - unique and one of the world Pysanka Museum, also known as "Pysanka Museum", it is the largest egg in the world (13.5 m) and has exposure of 12 000 exhibits. The city also invites you to enjoy one of the best museums in Ukraine - National Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya them. Jehoshaphat Kobrin, one of the oldest wooden church in Ukraine Annunciation (1587r.) And Hall (1877r.), Which is not in the center of the square. Market and at the corner.


- Church of St. Spirit in Rohatyn adults - 10 UAH .; students - 5 UAH .; children - 3 USD .;
- Lift chair lift to the mountain Bukovel: general - 55 USD. in both directions, pensioners and children under 11 years - 35 UAH. in both directions;
- Tour concert at the Museum gutsulskogo and musical instruments to them. Roman Kumlyk: general and student - 15 UAH., Kids - 10 UAH .;
- Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors": general - 12 UAH., Pensioners and students - 7 USD. Children - 5 UAH .;
- Museum "Home-staya": total - 10 UAH., Pensioners and students - 7 USD. Children - 5 UAH .;
- National Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya them. J. Kobrin: general and retirement - 20 UAH., Student - 15 UAH., Kids - 10 UAH .;
- Museum of Eggs: general and retirement - 15 UAH., Student - 10 UAH., Kids - 5 USD.
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Weekend Hutsul fun Carpathians
Weekend Hutsul fun
Included in cost:
Food for program
Guide service
Extra charge:
Personal expenses
Rail travel