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Beauty Chernihiv lands: Kozelets - Chernihiv - Sedniv

Tour type:
one-day excursion
For group
Region or city:
Chernigiv region
Number of days:
1 days, 0 nights.
17.06; 15.07; 05.08; 02.09; 30.09; 21.10; 18.11
Cost (per person):
450 UAH

Brief description of tour:

Chernihiv region is rich in history and incomparable scenery. Ancient temples and other monuments of architecture, whose age is estimated over a thousand years, have a national and word significance. This allows you to name Chernihiv like cradle of Ukrainian history. In the most northern capital of Ukraine - Chernigov, you will able to see other cities Kozelets and Sednev, will have a wolk their streets, to know pre-history of architecture.

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

Kiyv - Kozelets - Chernihiv - Sednev - Kiyv

Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

Departure - 8:00 am, metro "Lisova".
Departure to Kiev - 18:00. Return - about 20:00.

   Day 1 (program description):

The first place to sightseeing tours we stay in a small, but very proud town - Kozelets. An exciting excursion to the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. Most beautiful building, that history has left Chernigov edges. Mother of Alexis and Cyril Razumovsky - Natalia, at their own expense built the cathedral here, along with a beautiful bell tower. The temple was erected due to her faith and gratitude to God for the happy fate of their sons. This cathedral is known for surviving a unique wooden iconostasis, which was made on the project Rastrelli - famed architect of the court of St. Petersburg. Also, we visit the tower of the cathedral. Local talk of that from the top of the bell may be seen on two magnificent cities - Kyiv and Chernihiv.
Turn to a delicious lunch.
We continue our tour through the streets of Chernigov: Black Tomb, Boldin mountain, Barrow carousing, Antonevy caves, Holy Trinity Church ...
Included in cost:
Transfer on the route tour
Inbox tickets
Guide service
Extra charge:
Personal expenses