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Extreme rafting on the Southern Bug

Tour type:
extreme tour
For group and individual
Region or city:
Central regions of Ukraine
Number of days:
2 days, 1 nights.
every weekend
every month
Cost (per person):
125 $

Brief description of tour:

A great way to discover in themselves or to consolidate their volitional qualities and character. Participants extreme tour will go to simple thresholds (up to 2nd category of difficulty). Hike of the radial type, with a base camp in one spot and transitions to the up and downstream. Group rides, accompanied by the machines, which deliver upstream. This is another great opportunity for groups of friends and working groups wich want to feel our solidarity!

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

Kyiv - town Mygiya (Mykolaiv region) - Journey to the mouth of the river Great Korabelna (Ship-River) - town Mygiya (Mykolaiv region) - Kyiv

Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

Departure from Kyiv - 7:00, metro Lybidska, Str. Gorky's 180, a "plate" of the building UkrINTEI
Included in cost:
Food for program
Transfer on the route tour
Rrent equipment
Extra charge:
Personal expenses