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Tour of park trails Chernigiv: Trostyanets - Kachanivka

Tour type:
one-day excursion
For group
Region or city:
Chernigiv region
Time of travel:
from 1-5-2017 t 1-5-2017
8.05, 03.06, 24.06, 16.07, 06.08, 26.08, 16.09, 07.10, 28.10
every month
Cost (per person):
530 UAH
The Parks of Chernigov region
The Parks of Chernigov region
The Parks of Chernigov region

Brief description of tour:

Not far from Kyiv, you have the opportunity to visit one of the best parks of Ukraine. One day will be open for you Chernigov the other side.

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

yiv - Trostianets - Kachanivka - Kyiv

Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

07:30 - 08:00 - The group meeting (metro station "Lisova")
08:00 - Departure by.
21:00 - Tentative return to Kiev (depending on traffic)

   Day 1 (program description):

Our journey begins with Sokirinskiy park. You will walk among the English landscape with lakes, statues, will see a beautiful palace in the past. Sokyryntsi - a real jewel of architectural and landscape monuments of Ukraine. In the village is the grave of the most famous of the Ukrainian kobzar - Ostap Veres (1803-1890).
Then move to not less than the outstanding landscape park of Ukraine - Trostyanetskiy. Trostyanetskiy Dendrological Park - is a large forest in the background of the valley, and in the center - a "mountains" country with large hills, among which are the lake. The vast expanses of the park full of evergreen coniferous trees and shrubs that give the landscape of high aesthetic decorative effect in all seasons. Trostyanetskiy arboretum can compete on equal their beauty with the best parks in Ukraine, such as: Sofiyivka and Alexandria.
We follow the route to Kachanivka. National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Kachanivka" - is the culmination of this tour! Only in Ukraine architectural and park ensemble, which is preserved in its entirety. Thanks to the efforts of family Tarnowski is a place reached his peak, not only as gardening and palace complex, but also as a powerful center of spirituality. Kachanovsky reserve visited Shevchenko, Repin, Gogol, Dress. That beauty "Kachanivka" were the place of writing the opera" Ruslan and Ludmilla" by Mikhail Glinka. In memory of a profound respect for the genius of the composer in the park was built "Arbour Glinka" - a small music room. The remaining time before returned you will spend in a walk, admiring the beauty of the park.
Included in cost:
Food for program
Transfer on the route tour
Inbox tickets
Guide service
Extra charge:
Personal expenses