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Excursion to Kozelets and Chernigov

Tour type:
one-day excursion
For group
Region or city:
Chernigiv region
Time of travel:
from 16-4-2017 t 16-4-2017
01.05, 21.05, 04.06, 17.06, 02.07, 15.07, 30.07, 05.08, 20.08, 02.09, 17.09, 30.09, 08.10, 21.10, 05.11, 18.11
every month
Cost (per person):
420 UAH

Brief description of tour:

Our trip the carried in the glory days of Kievska Rus, to feel pride in the past heroic events of the Ukrainian land, visiting places dated by XI - XII centures.

Itinerary (what city or place of visit):

Kyiv - Kozelets - Chernigiv - Kyiv

Itinerary of tour

Itinerary of tour

   Arrival or place the beginning of the route:

Check ut from Kyiv - 08.00, the return - 20.00

   Day 1 (program description):

Chernigov - one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, which was one of the largest cities of Kievan Rus. The first settlement appeared here at the beginning of our era, and the name comes from the oak grove. It is connected with old times, when the oaks are called "black" or "baldy". The first mention of Chernigov in the annals of 907 year. In the historic center of town, there are many monuments of Kievska Rus: Transfiguration Cathedral, built in the 30's, the eleventh century, Antoniy caves, the founder of which was the monk Anthony (founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra), Borisoglebsky Cathedral XII century, the Assumption Eletskiy monastery, Pyatnitskaya church. All these majestic buildings - architectural monuments of the end of XII century.
Business card Chernigov - Boldina mountains, where the remains of an ancient oak grove. On the territory of the hill is one of the largest ancient burial mounds, with more than 200 burial mounds, the oldest of which dates back to the IX-X centuries.
Nearby are caves Antoniy established in 1068, that named in memory of the princely strife, when Anthony ran away from Kiev. After that, the cave appeared in Chernigov in place of the old temples pagan. Here he founded the monastery of the Virgin, which eventually became known as Trinity-Elias.
Kozelets - a city known for the events of the XV century, when it was under the rule of Poland (Rzeczpospolita). Residents Kozelets actively participated in the liberation war of 1648-1654 years. under the leadership of the Bogdan Khmelnitsky. In Kozelets very famous buildings is the magnificent Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. Designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, architect I.Grigorovichem-Barsky and A. Kvasov, it considered one of the finest architectural structures, that to this day captivates with its greatness. Its construction was initiated by the family of Razumovsky, which at that time were very influential people in the empire, especially the brothers Alexei and Cyril. Alexei secretly married to the Empress Elizabeth, and Kirill Razumovsky was the last Hetman of Ukraine.
Noteworthy too the two churches - Nicholas (1781-1784) and the Ascension (1866-1874). Nicholas church was built in late Baroque style, Voznesensky was built almost a century later.
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Personal expenses