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Naderde Naderde is a famous thermal resort in Hungary. It is situated in the northern part of the city of Debrecen. Naderde means “a big forest”, and it’s not a coincidence as this resort is located on the territory of the park that received the status of a nature reserve in the year 1939, by the way, such status was assigned in Hungary for the first time.

Naderde is the biggest balneological resort in Hungary and it is famous far beyond its boundaries. Baths of this resort operate all year round and temperature of the water is from + 20 to +30°C. In the year 1984a new health-improving complex was built in Naderde. It includes 140 buildings with total capacity of 3200people, and on the roof there is a terrace-solarium having the area of more than 3000sq.m. The resort has a territory of 11300sq.m, hosting 18 swimming pools and these include 4 pools with thermal water, 4 with artificial waves and 3 for kids. On the territory, you will also find baths, sweat rooms and aquapark called “Aquatikum”. The aquapark is equipped with various water slides, corridors with flow, Jacuzzi and cave baths.

Naderde Naderde Naderde

This healing resort was found out only in 1929 when thermal waters were discovered. However, in the year 1826, there was already a small bath with a pair of bathtubs. In 1960 a series of investigations of these thermal waters was held and the results were really stunning. This water is truly healing. It contains such chemical elements as iodine, bromine, calcium, magnesium oxide, chloride of sodium and wide range of other mineral elements. Since that time the resort has gained unheard-of popularity. People come here to cure various diseases: narrowing of vessels,orthopedic diseases, osteoporosis, arterial sclerosis, eczema, hernia nuclei pulposi (post operation condition), Naderde posttraumatic condition, diseases of upper respiratory airways, sterility and many others. However, staying in this water is counter-indicative for people with infectious diseases, hypertonia, cardiac failure, in the condition of alcohol intoxication, pregnant and with inflammatory processes.

Various treatment procedures are applied in the resort: baths (electric, carbon dioxide, medical ones), mudtherapy, herbal medicine, therapeutic exercises (individual and in groups), stream underwater massage, inhalations.

Main peculiarity of Naderdebathsis incredible abundance of tropical plants. Here, you also have a chance to visit the zoo, get acquainted with the arboretum where 200-300-year-old oaks grow!

Naderde resort will give you unforgettable pleasure from rest and health-improvement; here you can fully enjoy nature and silence.  

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