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Thermal resorts in SlovakiaFor most people Slovakia is first of all associated with ski resorts. However, there are a number of popular thermal spa resorts in this country. Though Slovakia is a rather small European country, at the same time it is one of the richest in resorts countries of the world. Indeed,you will hardly find another country having so many beautiful places, rich in healing thermal waters, and all these concentrated on such a small territory.

Almost every populated place of Slovakia, let it be a big city or a small village, has mineral watersprings. According to statistics, there are 22 treatment thermal resorts and more than 1000 mineral watersprings in Slovakia.

Due to a wide range of waters – from simple drinking and healing waters to hot mineral water springs – long ago Slovakia became popular as a resort and healing country. 

Thermal resorts in SlovakiaMiraculous waters of Spis and main resort towns of Slovakia were already indicated on the maps of XVI-XVII centuries. In the year 1769 Maria Teresa created a special committee whose main task was to identify healing properties of waters from local thermal and mineral springs. The best capital doctors were involved in this committee. Their research proved that these water springs possessed unique healing properties, as a result huge resorts were actively developing for the following several centuries on the territory of Slovakia that rather soon became world-famous. Among them we can mention Bardejovske Kupele, Piestany, Boynitse, TrencianskeTeplitse, RajetskeTeplitse. We are going to tell you about some of them in more details.

At the beginning of theXXI century infrustructure of classical resorts was mixed with a new phenomenon of this area, namely the creation of aquaparks and treatment and entertainment centers on the basis of already famous resorts. Thermal resorts in SlovakiaThe swimming pools were filled with water from local thermal springs. Quite soon people started to use Slovakian  mineral waters both in treatment and preventive measures due to their favorable affect on general relaxation of the whole body, stress elimination, regain and storing powers and energy.Very soon visiting thermal spa resorts, aquaparks and treatment and entertainment complexes became popular not only with Slovakian people but with foreigners as well. It was a good answer to the question „Where and how to spend a holiday or a weekend usefully and wisely“.

One of the most world-famous resorts of Slovakia are Piestany and Kupeles

Piestany is the most significant thermal resort in Slovakia having the territory of 40ha and including a part of the city called Piestany which is located on the bank of the River Vah. The resort is situated at a height of 162 meter above sea level. Distance to the capital is 80km.

Thermal springs inPiestany were first mentioned in written records in the year 1549. The resort was quite popular even at that time. For some period of time Piestanyspa was owned byan honorable noble family of Erdodys. Later on Piestany was rented by a company of Alexander Winter. Since that time Piestanyresort became world-famous as one of the best rest and recreationcenters.

Piestany Resort has a very advantageous geographical and climate location, it is situated in the warmest part of Slovakia, where summer is mostly dry and warm, autumn and winter are mild.

Thermal resorts in SlovakiaPiestany is situated on an island and it is surrounded with greens and the sun, which creates favorable conditions for all yearround rest. This place hosts famous Napoleon Therms and hotel “Thermia Palace”, swimming in luxury and built in 1912 in popular style of modern hotel “Balnea”, a fit-up.

On the territory of this resort you will find 10 natural springs of healing sulfate, calcium-sodium, calcium-sulfate hypnotic thermal water, which contains a lot of useful mineral substances, free gas and hydrogen sulfide, having healing properties. Deposits of sulphur mud which is one of the best in the whole world.

Piestany spa resort has its already famous symbol which is a statue of a man breaking crutches.The statue symbolizes main specialist area of Piestany resort which is treatment of various forms of degenerate and rheumatic diseases, conditions after orthopedic operations, traumas, and ischias.

Nowadays, Piestany is a huge health spa capable to host 2400 people at a time in the rooms of first and medium class providing all the amenities. Resort infrastructure is well-developed and includes fitness center with modern sport equipment, tennis courts, solarium, sauna, outdoor pool with thermal water, fishing, mini-golf, open-air concert venue, casino, Terrainkur paths, and rent of bicycles, horse-riding and so on.

Another old and most popular Slovakian resort is Bardejovske Kupele spa surrounded with the towndefensive wall of Bardejov.BardejovskeKupeleissituatedon the northeast of Slovakia on the slopes of the Carpathian mountains, in the valley of Bardejovske spring (also called Kvasniy stream) at a height of 325 meter above sea level.

The main peculiarity of Bardejovske Kupele resort is presence of natural healing waters of alkaline-salty ferriferous type. Due to their healing properties these waters reach world level of quality in this type of mineral waters.There are 17 mineral water springs on the territory ofBardejovskeKupelespa, 8 of them are with drinking water. Modern medical technics and local mineral springs in Bardejovske Kupele resort ensure perfect conditions for treatment and prevention of gastro-intestinal tract diseases and digestive systemdiseases. In their turn, wonderful climate conditions, clean air, saturated with fragrance of fir-needles and ozone, ensure prevention and treatment of non specific respiratory diseases. Thermal resorts in Slovakia

Infrastructure of spa resort BardejovskeKupeleensures excellent rest for any taste. Here you will find volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, a small pool for children, an outdoor swimming pool with heated water, a cinema, mini-golf, and an open-air ethnographic museum Skanzen, cozy cafes, luxurious bars and restaurants with international and national cuisine, a bureau of personal services, a shopping center, several ski trails with ski-lifts, trails for cross-country skis and many others.

More detailed information about these and other spa resorts of Slovakia you can find in corresponding sections of our web-site, but it’s much better to see all these with your own eyesand immerse yourselves into healing waters of Slovakian thermal spa resorts, relax, fill your body and soul with new powers and energy, fiddle aroundon the waves of healing waters and your positive thoughts.

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