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Odessa region is one of a few regions of Ukraine that can offer a wide range of various sea rest options. In resorts of Odessa region you can confidently combine various types of passive and active recreation. Tatarbunary belongs to such resorts. This is the place where you will feel gay and exciting, both adults and young tourists.Tatarbunary

Tatarbunary is a wonderful resort town which is also a district center of Odessa region. It is situated on the shore of Sasyk estuary surrounded with wonderful clean forest from one side and golden sand and warm sea from the other.

This resort town has rather mysterious and probably unusual for Ukraine name – Tatarbunary, in translation from the Tatarian meaning “source, spring”. Tatarbunary is characterized with rich beautiful and picturesque nature ensuring lots of wonderful possibilities to have good rest with children. In Tatarbunary holiday-makers will find a wide choice of meals, accommodation and leisure activities.

Rest in Tatarbunary is multisided – youth, family holiday and rest with children. And everyone can choose the option closest to his soul and affordable to his pocket. Rest in Tatarbunary is a wonderful chance to relax from our fussing, routine, stress and fatigue, accumulated before the holidays, from the city rush and heavy air. Rest in Tatarbunary istrue delight in wonderful beauty of nature, sandy coastline on the estuary shore, clean beaches, warm and transparent water of the Black Sea.

Though Tatarbunary resort is in the process of active development, nevertheless, infrastructure of beach sector is already created on a good level and gives a chance to have an interesting, gay, active and informative holiday in Tatarbunary. The reason is that prices in Tatarbunary resort are still low and reasonable, while in other similar resorts they are rather higher. Pensions, hotels, inns, restaurants, bars, cafes, attractions, entertainment centers, and many others – every holiday-maker can afford all these in Tatarburany.Tatarbunary

Steppe climate prevails in Tatarburany, but influence of sea wind is clearly felt here. Tough summer days are hot, you feel freshness.

One of the main peculiarities of Tatarbunary resort is absence of any dominating cultureas we are used to observe in other resorts. Various cultures are harmoniously mixed here – Ukrainian, Moldavian, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Tatarian, and Turkish. The reason lies in the location of Tatarbunary resort, situated in the frontier zone of Ukraine boarding with Romania and Moldova, as well as rich eventful history. You can observe mixture of above mentioned cultures while walking along the town streets, in its architecture, customs and local traditions, in peculiarities of local cuisine, in old mansions, monuments of various centuries. All these make rest in Tatarbunary even more interesting and exciting.

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