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World of Cossacks - Mamaeva Sloboda

       Museum Mamajeva Sloboda opened its hospitable doors to visitors in July 9, 2009.

       Open-air museum is situated in downtown Kiev. Founders of the Sloboda call it a Cossack village. Its main goal is to revive the national spirit, the knowledge of own roots and it provides an opportunity to plunge into the glorious past of the Cossack Ukraine.

       At the place where Mamaeva Sloboda stretches now, more than three hundred years ago was the monastery's apiary with a farm and a pond. These lands belonged to the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. On hills near the mouth of the river Lybed lay picturesque groves, creating a unique landscape of the valley, which was typical for the territory of the Dnieper.

       In the center of the valley among the finest cherry orchards, there stands the Cossack Sloboda is begirt of the woven fence. The architectural ensemble is about one hundred objects, the worthy of it is the cossack wooden church The Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The church was built without nails and it is a worthy example of the Church of Zaporozka Sich in the good time of the Ukrainian Cossack. Not far from the church is a mill, painted in the middle of a small wheat field, showing a symbol of a peaceful agricultural Ukraine.

       On the shores of beautiful lakes covered by lilies and water lilies, settled the estates of the Cossack-squires, Cossack leader, smith with his smithy, potter with a pottery workplace, the house of fortune-teller, a tavern of a Jewish shopkeeper, an apiary and a watermill. The estates adjoin with various utility structures: barns, sheds, stables, cellars and cattle-shed, and much more. This traditional Ukrainian landscape is complemented with marketplace, board, Cossack outpost.

       For quickly get around the whole territory it is enough about than two hours. Of course, it is necessary to stay too longer for enjoying the sightly views and a pleasant atmosphere, and also to visit "shinok" for tasting the Ukrainian traditional dishes. All visitors of Mamayeva Sloboda are satisfied with the atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and extraordinary natural beauty. It is nice that all the personnel in the Sloboda dressed only in Ukrainian costumes. Despite the high concentration of national symbols, there really feels native Ukrainian spirit and not a "sharovarschina".

       The founders of the Sloboda really care that everything was "as in real life" and Sloboda fully coping with this task. This is no accident because there are the objects of Mamaeva Sloboda are used by method of recovery of living history that is as close as possible to their original functional purpose. This all promotes to the revival of original folk traditions, customs, ceremonies, forgotten skills and crafts.

       If we get back to the origins of the organization of Mamaeva Sloboda, then we should take notice that the center of ethnology "Cossack Mamay ", that is the founder of Sloboda, was registered as a legal entity in 1990, when Kyiv council allocated the land for using under the complex. Nineteen years later Sloboda was opened. All the time prior opening there was a lot of work on the improvement, construction, planting of fruit trees, gardens.

       One of the favorites of Sloboda is a river with a lot of carps and visitors are willingly feeding them bread. Also on the territory you can ride a horse that certainly lifts the mood among adults and children, increasing the impression from spending time close to nature in the Cossack village.

       On the area of settlement are often carried master's fairs, also there are the stage for impromptu performances by folk groups - this happiness fills the square in the holidays.

       Having been in Mamayeva Sloboda you are filled with belief that past glory and greatness return to Cossacks and folk traditions will never sink into oblivion.

Author Horostovska Natalia (Aranrut)

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