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Insurance Insurance health Insurance

When we are going to holidays abroad we are in search of new experiences. We concentrate our attention to the study of local attractions and we often lose our vigilance. At this time some troubles can trap us.

Insure your health for the travel period is a reliable way to protect yourself from unexpected problems.

It is very important to obtain timely and quality care in this situation.

Travel agency “Anga Travel” cooperates only with reliable, proven Insurance Companies and offers to tourists an insurance that covers the following cases:

  • Health Insurance
  • Insurance accidents
  • Accident insurance
  • Luggage insurance for the period of traveling
  • Civil liability to third parties

Our partners in insurance:

  • European Travel Insurance,
  • Insurance Company "Finex",
  • "AXA Insurance",
  • Insurance Company "INGO Ukraine LIFE".

Countries of travel

Medical Protection

Insurance payments

Schengen countries

 from 30 000 Euro from 5,00

Countries in Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Oceania

from 50 000 USD from 10,00

Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Montenegro

from 15 000-30 000 USD from 4,00 - 5,00

Limitations:  persons aged 75 years are not insured.
Allowance:  persons aged 60 to 75 years of rate increases by 100persons who travel for active sports, premium 100%.

Countries of travel

Protection from accident

Insurance payments
All countries  1000/ 3000/ 5000 UAH from 1,00/ 1,50/ 2,0 UAH

Prices in the tables are approximate and may vary. For clarification, please contact with our qualified consultants, contact tel.:

Insurance - Green Card044 38 33 278
067 444 01 90

"Green Card"

If you travel abroad by car, you need to have an international third party liability insurance policy that calls "Green Card ", which will protect the property of third party, in case of infliction of harm.

Insurance contract "Green Card" applies to each of the drivers who are driving a car legally.