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ARTICLE ''Den of the Werewolf – Legends and the Facts''

There are many stories about construction of Hitler`s headquarters known as "Werewolf" near Vinnitsa. Interest to this place doesn't die even today. Everyone tries to find here something for himself: historians – the facts and arguments, writers – plots and heroes, black archaeologists try to find fascist gold and the amber room. But, the first question which arises, looking at concrete plates why Hitler for the confidential residence chose Vinnitsa.

There are some versions. Under laws of a historical genre one of them is romantic, and the second is practical.
According to the romantic version, the closest brother-in-arms of the great Fuhrer reichsmarshal Goering during World War I not only fight as a part of a flight squadron in Podillja region, but also to fall in love with the Ukrainian girl. Returning home, he was compelled to abandon pregnant woman. So the love became the reason for which Goering advised to Hitler to place a headquarters of the Supreme Commander near Vinnitsa. Considering that the Fuhrer wasn't very sentimental person, this version is not good at all. Though, according to the facts, the choice of a place for headquarters` dislocation didn't do without Goering.

The second version seems more verisimilar. Before attack of Germany to the USSR (in 1938) the Soviet government promised the help to neighbouring Czech Republic in case of attack of the German army. And attack was inevitable as Hitler coveted the Sudetes in which lived more than 2 million Germans and which Czechs didn't intend to give voluntary.

The help of the Soviet government developed into preventive measure for creation of the air- lift between the USSR and the Czech Republic which passed through Romania. And Romania for that period was the only one supplier of oil for the 3rd Reich. Therefore Stalin's decision to construct military airfield closer to Romania was quite natural. So during the summer of 1938 the airdrome near Vinnitsa was build. And the project wasn't limited to hangars and runways, and meant construction of the unique command centre for management aircrafts, hidden deeply underground. Didn`t use it would be inexcusable nonsense for Germans. Especially as the name Vinnitsa was well known to fascist command. Hitler knew about unique object, and his generals developed attack strategy which would permit to preserve object and use it like base of future headquarters.

There is one more version – mystical which roots go to the deep Middle Ages. But it already other history …

By Natalia Slivka

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