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Pochayiv Lavra - the second Jerusalem

As a result of the long history of development of Ukraine and until today it remains a multi-confessional state. The main population professes Christianity, and about half of them adhere to Orthodox traditions. Point from which started Orthodox belief, all is known the famous ancient city of Jerusalem.
Have you ever heard of the Second Jerusalem? You may seem that it is very far away and unattainable. I can assure you, it is located very close, in Ukraine, 70 km from Ternopil. Pochayiv Lavra location on hill and captures the eyes with its grandeur, is called the Second Jerusalem because Jerusalem repetition miracle when Jesus Christ has left traces on the mount of Olives at the time of his ascension into heaven. On Pochayevskaya Mount happened similar miracle in stone back in 1240, as a pliable wax imprinted the foot Mother of God.

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