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 One of the most popular, loved and visited by Ukrainians ski resort is Slavske. In Slavsko all conditions to the rest failed to cheer.

    A resort Slavske 130 km. from Lviv, in the valley of the rivers and building Slava. Around Slavskogo unique microclimate created ridges Beskids and Gorgan. This provides a stable climate is constantly calm weather with lots of snow, which lasts until april.

Ski resort Slavske - a paradise for snowboarders and skiers. In Slavsko has 5 ski areas.

Ski area:
- Mount Trostyan, height 1232 m, which is located 2 km
from the center of Slavsko. This mountain is for those who are good to ski or snowboard. Steep slopes (40-50 deg.), Who are at the top of the mountain, the route is divided into moderately complex and sophisticated. At an altitude of 1050 meters - mainly located gentle slopes (30-35 deg.), Where there are trails for amateurs and beginners.
Descent may vary from 1500 to 2000 m Operates 1 chair and 7 ski lifts (including a children's lift).
- Mount Pogar, height 857 m, which is located 1 km from the center of Slavsko.
On the mountain there are 2 green and 1 red route.
Length of slopes ranging from 700 to 800 m worked two rope tows.
There are snow cannons.
 - Mount Menchul, height 1072 m, which is the natural boundary Warsaw. There are 4 tracks, which are classified as trails for experienced athletes. There are 2 ski lifts. Speed bracket 'plate' though not very convenient for snowboarders. Amateurs and beginners will be hard on the slopes of medium difficulty.
- Mount Polytech. Its slopes are suitable places for learning. There are 3 trails for children, beginners and amateurs. The mountain slopes are steep, vertical drop - a maximum of 200 m in the presence of two ski lifts to the services of Cathay.
- Mountain High Top, altitude 1243 meters, which is located in a. Volosyanka in 6 tikilometrah center Slavskogo. On the mountain there is a black, blue and red trails. There are three ski lifts and one chair lift. At the top of the mountain's forest cover is absent, in this regard, it windswept. Large areas of flat and snowy mountains are great for beginner snowboarders and skiers.

Price lifts:                                                                                         
- a subscription to the weekday: the cost of 100 USD / day;
- a subscription to the weekend: the cost of 150 USD / day.                                     

The cost of rental of skis / snowboards: 50-60 UAH. in one day.
There are a large number of rental ski equipment.
- Ski-school / snowboarding school.
The cost of private lessons with an instructor: 150 UAH. an hour.

Availability of night skiing:
On the track, the Pogar "KarpatLyzhSport" is light, so it's possible to go at night.


General information:
In some houses and hotels have internet. Working all mobile operators, except MTS, Life and Beeline, which work with varying success.
Available a wide range of outdoor parking.
For an additional fee, you can go on a guided tour of the Falls Shipot in reserve Tustan, Kamenetsky waterfall, lake Synevir and Lviv.

Entertainment infrastructure:                               
Evening entertainment:
- bowling,
- restaurants,
- spas,
- saunas,
- billiards,
- hookah.
- disco.
More snow fun:
- horseback riding,
- sledding, which harnessed the horses,
- walking on a sledge and snowmobile,
- speed Riding.

For children: there is babysitting and instructor services.

Why the ski resort "Slavske":
- in Slavsko many resorts and holiday camps, private estates and cottages
- services and infrastructure in general is quite well developed,
- the presence of a modern clinic.