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Rest on the Sky resort Dragobrat


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Dragobrat – Ski resort located in the valley of the Ukrainian Carpathians in the Transcarpathian region, Rahvskogo district, 18 km from the village of Yassina. It is the local alpine zone with coniferous forests at the beginning Sidovetskogo mountains ridge became popular among skiers and snowboarders. Surrounding mountains: Stick (1707 m), Gendarmes (1800 m), Bliznetsa (1883 m).

Sidovetsky ridge created unique conditions to maintain a stable snow cover a significant period of November - April.

Winter tours to Ukrain

Winter tours in UkrainFor complete relaxation and pleasure from your winter holiday you can also use the additional services:

Rent a bath - 20$ /h*;
Snowmobile rental - 47$ /h*;
Rent ATV  - 47$ /h*;
Rent a bike - 2$ /h*;
Rent skis, snowboards and sleds - from 2$ /h*.

* - these prices are indicative