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Ski resorts of Slovakia

Slovakia is a small but incredibly beautiful European country that is famous for its coziness and silence, lots of entertainment thermal and ski centers, modern and comfortable pensionates, hotels and health resorts. Slovakia is really a country of unique beauty, wheremagnificence of nature is still kept in its original state, the country of crystal pure lakes and rivers, healing springs and surprisingly clear air, majestic peaks of the Carpathian mountains, picturesque treed slopes, old medieval castles which are steeped in myths and legends.Ski resorts of Slovakia

 From one side Slovakia is surrounded with the river Danube, from the other three sides – with the mountain range of the Carpathians. That’s why Slovakia is considered to be a highland whose slopes long ago became a wonderful place for skiing, snowboarding, and sledging, both for beginners and for specialists in these kinds of sport. Advantageous geographical location of Slovakia, rich nature, huge amount of thermal springs, mountain slopes, favorable climate create perfect conditions for development of tourism and recreation sphere in this country.

Winter rest in Slovakia is extremely popular with tourists from all countries, which is insured by favorable climate and ideal environmental conditions. Winter season lasts here from December till the beginning of May. The coldest month is January. On the highest tops of Slovakian mountains snow lies up to 130 days. For last decades mountain skiing in Slovakia is getting popular even with local people from Alpine countries that prefer Slovakia to their native resorts, where pricing policy is much higher than in Slovakia.

 All ski resorts in Slovakia are divided into two basic mountain ranges which are the High and the Low Tatras (Wysoke and NizkeTatry). 

 The High Tatras is the oldest ski region is Slovakia. Fist hotels and resorts appeared here almost two centuries ago, when representatives of Slovakian noblemen got fascinated with skiing. At the same time first hotels were opened here, some of them have survived till nowadays and impress their visitors with unique European architecture.Ski resorts of Slovakia

Spectacular panorama of the High Tatras, long valleys, covered with thickets of forests, purest lakes and waterfalls, sunlit mountain slopes – all these create a big temptation that tourists from the whole world can’t resist and come to Slovakia exactly for this reason. The High Tatras are considered to be the symbol of Slovakia.

Tatrashigh-mountain region is situated in the northern part of the huge Carpathian arc having the length of 1200 km. Its highest part is the High Tatras spread on the area of 341sq.km. This region is incredibly rich in natural recourses.

The most popular ski resorts in the High Tatras are: 

  1. StrbskePleso

Strbske Pleso is situated on the bank of lake, having the same name, at the height of

1355m above sea level.This ski resort works 120 days per year and offers various types of trails capable to meet demands of beginners as well as professional skiers.StrbskePlesoalso has 5 springboards, five modern lifts, and trails for cross-country skiing, sledging and snowboarding, skiing school for the smallest skiersand alift for children. General capacity of the ski resort StrbskePleso is 3550 people per year. One of the trails is equipped with modern illumination which enables night skiing. Total length of trails in StrbskePleso resort is approximately 5 km, the height of ski slopes varies from 1 to 2 km.Ski resorts of Slovakia

 Resort infrastructure is very diverse which ensures maximum pleasure from the trip to every visitor of StrbskePleso. It includes modern comfortable hotels “FIS”, “Patria”, gym, saunas, swimming pools, billiard, ice rink, supermarkets, cozy cafes, discos, casinos, fabulous restaurants offering dishes of European and national cuisines, possibility to order a sightseeing tour and many others.

 Strbske Pleso Lake is one the most famous on the territory of Slovakia. Its territory is 48ha, and the depth reaches 20m in some places. In combination with purest mountain air, healing water of StrbskePleso Lake has healthy influenceon the treatment and prevention of various respiratory diseases.

  1. Tatranska Lomnica

Eastern part of the High Tatras at the height of 850m above sea level is occupied with

the ski resort  “TatranskaLomnica”. This resort appeared on the map of tourism as early as in the year 1892. The second highest peak of the High Tatras is located on the territory of TatranskaLomnica and it is called LomnickyStit (2632m).Ski resorts of Slovakia

 Ski resort “TatranskaLomnica” has three ski centers which are LomnickeSedlo (trails suit better professionals of skiing sport who prefer black trails for gigantic slalom and downhill skiing),SkalnatePleso (trails of medium difficulty and length are located here), Jamy (a ski center where easy and medium trails are situated. A famous snow academy «Ternav-ski» is located here. Various approaches in teaching to ski and snowboard are applied in this school including individual, group, family and child lessons).

 Infrastructure of TatranskaLomnica ensures a lot of entertaining for holiday-makes after an eventful and active day – various day spas, billiards, saunas, swimming pools, child center, recreation center, restaurants, cafes, bars and discos and many others. Tourists also have a chance to order an exciting tour to the mountain settlement Zdiar which is a protected center of folk wooden architecture, visit Belianska cave, etc.

  1. Smokovec

Smokovec is one of the oldest ski resorts in Slovakia. It is situated at the foot of Slavsky

Stit and consists of four settlements called Stary, Novy, Horny and Dolny Smokovec.Hrebienok mountain is the main skiarea of Smocovecresort. You can reach it by a funicular or three T-bar lifts. Smokovec resort also has specialized child trails, illuminated trails for night skiing, slalom trail HornaLuka, kids ski school, snow canons, modern and well-developed infrastructure esuring high service quality, comfortand unforgettable impressions for all visitors.

An important attraction of Smokovec resort is a natural rink situated in thesettlement Novy Smokovec.

Ski resorts of SlovakiaThe Low Tatrasis the second most significant and popular ski range in Slovakia. Since ancient times his region attracted attention of many people with its abounding forests and rich deposits of ores. According to written historical data, nonferrous and precious metals were mined on the territory of the Low Tatras.

The most popular and most visited resort of the Low Tatras is ski resort center “Jasna”, situated in the center of Slovakia at the height of 950-1100 m above sea level. Jasna is located on the northern slopes of the Low Tatras in Dejanovska Volley on the territory of National park “Low Tatras”. This resort belongs to first-rate international tourist centers. Located on the slopes of Chopok mountain which is 2024m high, the ski center Jasna has 57km of trails varying indifficulty, trails for children, wide chain of modern lifts (2 two-seaters and 2 four – seaters, 1 child, 1 cabin cable railway and 14 T-bar lifts, total capacity of which is 11800 people per hour), slopes for children, trails for cross-country skiing, sledging, snowboarding, motor-sledging, wide range of entertainments Apres-ski.

Ski resort “Jasna” consists of three ski centers – Zagradky, Otupne and Jasna. Big international and national ski contests are annually held on the territory of this resort. They are included in the calendar of European Cup Championship.

Slovakia is the country, where a number of the best European modern ski resorts are located with well-developed infrastructure, proper accommodation conditions, and high level of service quality, unique nature and healing mineral springs. And all these at a reasonable price!

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