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Ski tours to Bukovel



Better than mountains can be only mountains "of Bukovel" - not even the ski resort of European and world level, with unprecedented speed that is worthy of the Guinness Book of Records, grew up in the Carpathians!

Bukovel - a ski resort in Ivano-Frankivsk region (110 km from the region. Center). Located near the village of Polianytsia at an altitude of 850-1372 meters above sea level.
The resort has 16 lifts functioning (DOPPELMAYR and LEITNER) and infrastructure (hotels, multi-storey car park, restaurants). On five mountains (Dovga Bukovel Bulchinoha, Babin Pohar, Black Cleves) is located in a total of about 60 km of trails (blue, red and black) on all routes have snow cannons, several trails are equipped with stationary lighting.
Stated period the operation of ski runs - November to May.

Holidays in “Bukovel” ski resort.
As soon as not a calendar but a real autumn comes taking its rightful place in the year, we start preparations for new changes. Unfortunately, this season is not always as colorful and warm as we would like. Rain season comes, the weather changes several times a day, it’s getting cold…In order not to be sad and not to miss sunny summer days, you should remember that another season of vacations is coming which is magic winter season. Someone is looking for warmth at the sea side of Southern countries; other people want to fully enjoy classical winter, see lots of snow, ski, sledge and snowboard at ski slopes, celebrate the New Year and Christmas with closest people and experience many others pleasures of winter holidays. And there is no need to go abroad in search for winter happiness, as there are a lot of incredible places in Ukraine, where your winter holiday will become a true fairy-tale. This magic place is Bukovel!
“Bukovel” ski resort is a wonderful place in the Carpathian Mountains where in any season you can combine pleasant and merry rest with health improvement, gain new powers, energy and strong health. And all these are possible due to clear air, unique climate conditions, and huge number of healing mineral springs, locating in reserved recreation zones, modern infrastructure which ensures high level of comfort and service quality at reasonable prices.
In recent years, spring, summer and autumn are attracting more and more devotees of genuine natural beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians and eco tourism. Green tourism is popular in this period and includes alpinism, rock-climbing, mountain excursions, and fishing, picking up mushrooms, berries, healing herbs, horse-riding and hiking, spring and winter gastronomic festivals and many other interesting and pleasant ways to have a good time and get lots of impressions.

Prices for outfit rent in season 2013-2014

Name of outfit


Prices in the season 2013 - 2014, UAH.

"All Days"
Headguard (compulsory for all!) 30
Snowblades set (boots and headguard included) 140
Snowboard set (board, boots and headguard) 140
B 115
C 95
D 80
Set of skis with boots, poles and headguard A 260
B 140
C 100
D1 115
D2 80

However, almost everybody associates Bukovel with winter. “Bukovel” ski resort is rightfully called “the pearl” of winter activities in the Carpathians. Not so long ago Bukovel was little-known even on the territory of Ukraine, nowadays it is famous far beyond Ukrainian borders.
Bukovel is also called the ski capital of Ukraine. During the last decade, a lot of new ski resorts were established in the Carpathian Mountains that are equipped with modern lifts, special machines for snow condensation, various recreation centers, hotels, cottages. But none of those can meet the demands of most capricious tourists as well as Bukovel can. On the place, where not so long ago there were impassable forests, where wild animals used to be main hosts and small lonely settlements seemed to accept their fate of picturesque and pitch-dark wilderness, a comfortable resort zone of European level is located now. Road to Bukovel is packed with cars and land here costs millions dollars.
Bukovel is the only Ukrainian tourist-recreation ski complex fully meeting the standards of European quality. Bukovel is located on the territory of the Carpathian National park, at the distance of 30 km of tourist city Yaremche and not far from the highest point of the Carpathian Mountains – Hoverla mountain (2061km). Ukrainian Bukovel is situated at the height of 900 m above sea level. There are two mountains located near the resort which are Sinyak, whose height exceeds 1600-meter level, and Khomyak having the height more than 1500 m. These two mountains are connected with a picturesque meadow, opening a wonderful view to the primeval nature of the Carpathians and charming mountain landscapes.
Vast snow spaces, streams of bright sunlight, beauty of mountain slopes and peaks, fresh air, absence of strong winds – all these attract thousands of tourists, true fans of ski rest. Bukovel provides 50 km of modern trails (the owners plan to increase this length to 280 km), 61 slopes and various complication levels aimed for beginners as well as for first-rate skiing masters, and 14 new lifts.

Prices for skipasses in winter season 2013-2014
Prices for ski lifts of TC “Bukovel” in winter season 2013-2014

"All days"



28.12.2013-07.01.2014 08.03.2014-09.03.2014
Skiing time  (8:30 - 19:30), UAH
1lift (only for pedestrians, ski lifts 2, 5, 11, 14) 35 40
1lift multilift 17 22
3 hours 252 297
1 day 336 396
2 days 601 737
3 days 764 1027
4 days 932 1290
5 days 1132 1524
5 of 7 days at your choice 1210 1633
6 days 1304 1737
7days 1473 1920
8 days 1630 2078
9 days 1791 2208
10 days 1947 2343
10 of 14 days at your choice 2105 2473
  • Starting from winter season 2013-2014 cost of 1 day skipass includes the night skiing option.
  • Children under 5 under the care may pass the turnstile free of charge. For children of 6-12 years old discount for skipasses is 30% (under condition of person ID presented).
  • Skipasses purchased for 1 hour or 3 hours start working from the moment of purchase, the unused time is not transferred for the next day.
  • Ski pass is the property of the buyer and accordingly, he has the sole right to use it. We set the 5-minute breaks in the turnstile pass-through, so the pass of the ticket near the turnstile to other persons will be considered fraud and trouble-making for other customers. Thereafter, resort administration holds the right to assume steps to prevent this up to seizing the ski pass. There’s a strict rule at the resort – one ski pass for one person.

Prices for skipasses valid until complete use with night skiing option included:


Price, UAH      

1 day
Skipass "1 Day All Days" gives you the opportunity to use the lifts 1 day of the season, choosing any convenient day of the week, except for the period from January 2 to January 6 and March 08-09.
5 days 1597
Skipass "5 Days All Days" gives you the opportunity to use the lifts 1 day of the season, choosing any convenient day of the week, except for the period from January 2 to January 6 and March 08-09.
10 days 2840
Skipass "10 Days All Days" gives you the opportunity to use the lifts 1 day of the season, choosing any convenient day of the week, except for the period from January 2 to January 6 and March 08-09.
  • Each subscription entitling the holder to night skiing. Valid until use. Subscribe looks like a disposable plastic card, which is equipped with a magnetic device which provides an opportunity to the ski lifts without removing the card from his pocket.

Ski map


Due to modern illumination of slopes in Bukovel you can ski even in the evening. Those, just getting familiar with skiing, have a perfect chance to have several individual or group lessons with an experienced instructor of snowboarding or skiing. Instructors in Bukovel are very responsible and attentive to beginners wishing to ensure their safety and satisfaction of the first steps on the trails and rest in Bukovel in general.
Safety of all the tourists in Bukovel is guaranteed due to latest computer equipment that provides possibility to monitor all ski slopes and trails. Holiday-makers in Bukovel are offered all modern conveniences ensuring a good rest and including restaurants with amazing European and traditional Carpathian cuisines, cozy cafés, bars, where you can have a good time with your friends and get warm with mulled wine, saunas, baths, tennis courts, cycling, bowling, spas applying mineral water. Accommodation conditions vary from economy to five-star hotels. A lot of tourists prefer cheaper accommodation in the nearest cities like Vorohta, Tatariv, Yaremche, Mykulychyn, Yablunitsa, Palyanitsa etc.
The Carpathian Mountains ensure a real journey to the magic world of virgin nature, picturesque and fairy landscapes. Experts in travelling state that Ukrainian Carpathians are as beautiful as the Pyrenees and the Alps. People having visited this magic snow-covered place in the Carpathian Mountains return to Bukovel over and over again.

Characteristics of lifts


Length, m
1 R Quad chair 740
2 Double chair 1000
2 R Quad chair 1067
3 Triple chair 1100
5 Quad chair 1548
6 Rope tow 723
7 Quad chair 957
8 Quad chair 859
11 Quad chair 1163
12 Quad chair 1024
13 Quad chair 1181
14 Quad chair 1947
15 Quad chair 1159
16 Quad chair 847
17 Quad chair 957
22 Quad chair 652

Characteristics of trails



Length, m



Length, m
1 A Medium 1602 13 A Medium 1308
1 B Hard 296 13 B Medium 650
1 C Easy 1587 13 C Medium 570
1 D Medium 335 13 D Medium 1279
2 A Medium 915 13 E Easy 1338
2 B Easy 1459 14 A Easy 2132
3 A Easy 290 15 A Medium 1528
5 A Easy 1794 15 B Medium 331
5 B Easy 1446 15 C Medium 815
5 C Medium 340 15 D Medium 1262
5 D Medium 764 16 A Medium 1741
5 E Hard 960 16 B Medium 900
5 F Hard 768 16 C Hard 964
5 G Medium 2106 16 D Hard 528
5 H Medium 1549 16 E Medium 580
7 A Easy 1048 17 A Medium 957
8 A Medium 936 22 A Medium 501
8 B Medium 757 22 B Medium 707
8 C Medium 750 A Medium 408
9 A Easy 200 B Easy 40
11 A Medium 1548 D Medium 245
11 B Hard 804 E Easy 282
11 C Hard 420 F Medium 294
11 D Medium 1593 G Medium 480
11 E Medium 716 I Medium 451
12 A Medium 1674 J Easy 221
12 C Medium 696 K Easy 632
12 D Medium 440 U Medium 330

To date, rest in Bukovel is the most comfortable and best ski resort Bukovel ski resort in Ukraine!

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