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Strbske PlesoStrbske pleso is one of the best and most high-mountainous and most popular ski resorts in the region of the High Tatras in Slovakia. The High Tatrashave clearly defined “alpine” relief. Under the influence of glaciers, for numerous centuries of their existence, peaks of the High Tatras acquired rather curious contours. These mountains are wonderful!Their peaks, canyons, glaciers, waterfalls and alpine meadows are incredibly beautiful. All beauties of highlands are gathered on the territory of 260sq.km which is not big. “Miniature Alps” or “the smallest mountains among the world biggest ones” – this is the name tourists jokily named the High Tatras.    

Strbske Pleso is situated at the height of 1350m above sea level, at the distance of 24km from the city of Poprad. The resort is showing off on the picturesque bank of lake, having the same name. Strbske Pleso lake is considered to be the second biggest one in the Tatras. Its territory is 19.8ha. Well-kept paths invite to admire local beauties of Skok waterfall in Mlinnicka valley, walk to Poprad and Jasky mountain crystal lakes and climb Bystre Sedlo – 2490m, Rysy – 2500m, Predne Solisko – 2093m.

You can reach Strbske Pleso resort by several transportation means. It takes only 24km to get to the nearest air-port or railway station (the city of Poprad).Strbske Pleso

This place has severely continental climate and has typical for highlands climate elements. Annual average duration of sun light exceeds 2000 hours and is connected with important bio-climate factors of the resort. Annual average amount of precipitations varies in the range of 1200 – 1700mm. Local climate is the main peculiarity of this resort. As well as in the whole region, there are only two seasons here, namely winter and summer. Spring and autumn are so short that each of them lasts only for two weeks. Temperature in Strebske Pleso resort is 2.5°below 0, and in January-February – minus 6.5°. Average depth of snow reaches 90cm.

Ski Season

Strbske Pleso ski resort is one of the highest and most famous centers in the High Tatras.Year by year, the resort presents its guests with favorable snow conditions and wonderful views to Podtatranska valley that is covered with snow-white blanket from the beginning of December to the middle of April. Due to such high-altitude location and climate ski season is rather long here. This is the time when ski season is in its full strength. Big attention is paid to artificial snow-making on trails.

Several rentals of ski equipment offer their services to the guests of this resort. Ski schools also work here in winter time. Here you will be taught how to conquer peaks. Well-qualified personal instructors will help the smallest skiers to make their first ski steps giving them lessons at kids’ ski school that has its own T-bars for children.

Main ski trails are located on the southern sunny slope called Predne-Solisko.

Characteristics of ski trails – Strbske Pleso

- Length of ski trails(total): 7.5km;

Blue trails

  • Intersky II (1392 - 1380 m above sea level);
  • Mostiky (1441 - 1380 m above sea level).

Red Trails:

  • Intersky I (1495 - 1360 m above sea level);
  • Solisko I (1815 - 1376 m above sea level);
  • Solisko II (1850 - 1639 m above sea level);

- Territory that is artificially snowed: all trails if necessary
- Vertical drop: 1300 – 1915m;
- The number of ski-lifts:

  •             - Chair-lifts -2;
  •             - T-bars – 3 + 1 for children.

- Length of trails for cross-country skis(total): 42.5km;
- The number of trails: 5pcs;
- Ski zones (out of trails): 2pcs.

Strbske Pleso

Strbske Pleso has exciting zones with all conditions for freeriding, biathlon, jumping, snow-boarding trails, trails for walking, and ice-rink. There is a trail equipped for night skiing which operates on Wednesdays, from 6p.m. to 8p.m., as well as trails for cross-country skis, marked “Start” and “Finish”, whose length varies from 5 to 30 km. There are 2 stadiums located on the territory of this resort.

One of ski zones is located on Strbske Solisko. Distance from the highest lift strop is 2093m. This place is famous for winter sport competitions held here. Two ski-jump ramps are built here. Their height is 70 and 90m.

Strbske PlesoIntersky ski zone offers 4500 m of trails, ski-lifts having the length of 4422 m and the capacity of 3750 people/hour. Two parallel rope and chair lifts (eastern and western ones) work here simultaneously. Eastern lift is considered to be a short one. Its length is 500 m. Western lift is long; its rising period is about 20 minutes. Rest of lifts are T-bars, two of them are located in the lower part of the slope. So called “Long T-bar” starts its route from hotels and makes a stop coinciding with the end of a short road, and then it continues rising. Due to the long T-bar you can enter any of the red trails descending to hotels.

            Healing Properties of the Resort

Strbske Pleso is famous not only as ski resort but as a natural health resort as well. Wonderful natural conditions here, clean mountainous air and pine woods beneficially influence respiratory system, contributing to quick body restoration. The resort is valuable due to the possibility of preventive measures and treatment of various diseases, including chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, and bronchial asthma, conditions after operating lower and upper air passages, chronic sinusitis. Strbske PlesoTreatment is based on climototherapy. Staying outdoor and breathing fresh air is accomplished with treatment habilitation which is the main treatment approach. Drug therapy, physiotherapy and inhalation on attending doctor's orders are applied in treatment rehabilitation. A system of diets contributes to general result. Based on doctor’s orders, a patient is offered a wide scale of diets including a vegetarian one. Highly-qualified doctors work in sanatoriums of this resort: physicians, pediatricians, therapists, pneumologists, balneologists, allergologists and physiologists. They apply medical and diagnostic equipment in the departments of hematology, bacteriology, biochemistry, functional diagnostics and immunology.

            Boarding Houses and Entertainments in Strbske Pleso 

Due to well-developed resort infrastructure, you can comfortably stay in Strbske Pleso. Numerous hotels, boarding houses, bungalows, holiday camps and hostels offer you warmth and coziness. The most popular among tourists are:

  • Panorama – 2*;
  • Bannik – 3*;
  • FIS – 3*;
  • Patria – 4*;
  • Solisko – 4*.

Strbske PlesoAs a local taxi you can use a ski-bus or three horsed sledges.

After an active day, guests of the resort are offered a wide choice of “Apres ski” entertainments: gyms, billiards, swimming pools, saunas, cafes, restaurant with rich Slovak and European cuisine, discos, casinos, and skittle-alleys. Those wishing to visit “Aqua-City” aqua-park (in Poprad) have a chance to order a tour. You also have a chance to visit “Ghost Castle” in the city of Bojnice, a unique natural masterpiece – Belianska cave, and medieval Spis castle of the XII century and even thermal pools in the village of Vrbov.    

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